Monday, 11 January, 2010

Hard to Live, Harder to Born...!


Today I have nothing interesting to share with you. But I do have very sensitive topic to discuss. But let me first ask all of you that as a human, do we have any right to do anything we want? Do we have a right to interfere in the working of nature? And most importantly, do we have any right to take some one's life? I don't know about others but as far as I'm concerned, my answer to all the above questions is a BIG NO.

Now, I'm gonna start what I have for today.

Couple of days ago I read somewhere that a young girl came to a doctor and told that she was a college going girl and was only 19. She told the doctor (lady doctor of-course) that she was 4 months pregnant. The doctor, like all of you, had understood that it was a case of amateur relationship. Now the question is, what was the girl doing at the doctor's place and what she wanted now. Obviously according to doctor's intuition she was there to get rid of it and wanted the doctor to help her to abort the child. The further news has nothing to do with my discussion.

The thing I want to discuss is the cause of all this nonsense. There is not only this kind of relationships that cost the life of unborn but also the families where a girl child is regarded a curse. Now what can be done about above two issues.

Firstly, the young ones should understand to control their nerves and if they can't then they must use some kind of protection before they get involved into this (sorry the words may sound bold to some of you but the topic is itself very bold). Getting into this kind of relations at the time of making your career and thereafter taking some one's precious life makes you the biggest sinner. The truth that someone can't attack back doesn't mean you own his/her life. Also the reputation of the families concerned are at stake.

Secondly, the families where giving birth to a girl child is considered as a crime make the biggest crime by killing them even before their birth or soon after they are born. Well, the people with this kind of psychology need to change their minds. They need to accept the truth that without women they themselves could not be born (it need not be mentioned that men can't do everything on their own). Their mothers, sisters, wives are all women. So, why can't they let an angel come to their home.

How can you murder a child who hasn't even opened his/her eyes to see the beautiful world. Who hasn't yet spoken a single word out of his/her mouth, hasn't cried like he/she is singing a beautiful rhyme, hasn't ever smiled to make everyone do alike, hasn't held your hand to learn to walk, hasn't lived a life that he/she was made to live.

That's all I have to say about it. I'm not interested to become any one's guide. I wanted to make my point and I've made it. Do what you like to do. I don't mind and I don't care. But remember that nothing goes un-noticed. The GOD is making a note of everything we do and HE is not gonna leave us easy.

Take care. Have a good life and let others have it too.

2 After Thoughts:

vishal kapoor said...

gud yar,
i think that is a very good lesson for all of us..
i liked it very much..
thanks again..

Deepak said...

@ vishal: glad u liked it buddy

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