Sunday, 30 May, 2010

I Don't Miss Her

"I don't miss her
and I don't really do",
my mind consoles
my heart this way.

In the mirror,
I see her face.
In the air,
I feel her fragrance.
In my thoughts,
she is always around.
Yet, my mind says,
"I don't miss her".

When I walk,
she walks beside.
When I laugh,
she gazes, I feel.
When I sleep,
she visits my dreams.
But, my mind says,
"I don't miss her".

The battle between
heart and mind
goes a long way.
They never make
consensus. Never.
My mind thinks,
"I don't miss her".

Yes, I don't.
mind wins
against heart.
And this is the moment
of triumph for mind.
But, my heart,
miss her, it knows.
And while it is
time for celebration
for my mind,
my heart keeps
a fake smile.

I don't miss her.
Yes, I don't.
But, still,
can't forget her.

8 After Thoughts:

vishal kapoor said...


Anonymous said...

I could feel every word of thsi poem ...people in love will , m sure ..we think we forget , but e never can we , when the very person changed us and left us ..and we are living with those changes , can forget them ??
n hey , i guess it should be as I see her face n not saw her face :) hope you arent annoyed with my point-outs :)

Unknown said...

it s soo true.....
ne f the finest poems u hv writtn...:P

Sylvia K said...

Beautiful as always, you do indeed get better and better.

Sunny said...

This poem vividly describes each emotion I feel. Bravo

Deepak said...

@ vishal: :-) :-)

@ adreamygal: yeah thats very true. and hey, i am not at all annoyed by ur point outs. rather i feel happy that someone is there to correct my mistakes :-)

@ chetna: oh..thanx a lot :-)

@ sylvia: i hope i keep this betterment continue :-)

@ sunny: oh really.. :-)

Er. said...

Well written, mate!

Deepak said...

@ the virgin author: thanks a lot :-)

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