Sunday, 20 April, 2014

Opposites Attract

They thought they were opposites. She liked summers while he felt winters more comforting. She liked sunny days but to him, rains always made him dance though he was not at all good at dancing. She didn't like books but he had a personal library. Also, she wasn't a loner like him, among other things. They were quite opposites you know. And yet they felt the pull towards each other. Like they say, opposites attract, so was their story.

They met couple of times like two random flowers touch mid-air when the wind is blowing. They were like those two random flowers. But he couldn't bear the force of wind and fell on the ground while she blossomed even more.

She was the poetry and he was the poet. For some time, they both were complimentary to each other like a poem and the signature under it. She was known by him and he was by her. Then came the time when signature turned into initials and initials too lost their importance. Like it always happens, everyone remembered the poem and forgot the poet. She was still a poem but he became an anonymous poet. Gradually he lost the anonymous title too.

They thought they were opposites, so as a rule, they would attract. Of course they did, but not for long. They weren't opposites, they were quite similar. They were like same poles of two magnets. And whenever they tried to come close, they pushed each other in the opposite directions.  

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