Monday, 8 July, 2013

The Necklace

She wasn't looking happy since morning. The change was sudden. And that surprised me. Maybe because the maid hasn't come yet or maybe she is not feeling well, I was wondering over the reason. But I could not ask her as I was busy packing my bags for reporting back to duty since it was the last day of my short span leave. The life of an army man, after all, is like that.

She helped me packing my stuff but didn't utter a word. And I was still wondering how to gather the courage to ask her. I was almost done when she broke the silence, "I need a necklace", she said, quite dominantly. I was shocked and surprised at her sudden wish. More so because she knows that I can't afford it since we had just shifted to our new home, our own, and that all our savings were invested. Women will be women, I thought.

Reading my confused face, she came close, rolled my arms around her neck, leaned against my chest and whispered, "Your arms are my necklace, don't go please". That was another surprise, not shocking, but was a pleasurable one. I kissed her forehead but couldn't say anything. Tears rolled down her cheeks and I just let them so. I had just understood the reason of her sadness.

Her eyes followed me until I was out of her sight. The life of an army man's wife, perhaps, is like that.

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