Sunday, 31 January, 2010

Nothing for you my Dear...!!!

Come in yaar

The last week went quite good for me but I won't go in details like what I wore and ate and to whom I dated last weekend. I think then you would probably prefer to watch Tom & Jerry and read Chacha Chaudhary coz they would seem more interesting than my Blog. And any Blogger never writes for himself anyway. Getting the point, aren't you???

Now let me ask you some questions. Have you ever been so lucky and unlucky at the same time? Do you have any practical proof that the world is round (I know you studied science up to 10th class at least but I'm asking about your own experience)? Have you fallen in love with same girl twice? I think that's enough to arouse your interest.

"Nothing for you my Dear - Still I Love You" is the book I read last week. And let me tell you that it is written by a guy who is about one and a half years younger than me. His name is Arpit Dugar. I think engineers now-a-days finding writing more interesting than building bridges or developing softwares or solving the electricity problems of the country. Earlier Chetan Bhagat tried to recall his IIT days in "Five Point Someone" (fiction though) and now Arpit Dugar has tried to portray his DIT days in "Nothing for you my Dear - Still I Love You" (again fiction I think). But who knows I'll be trying to hold pen in the future (joke of the day, isn't it?).

Let me not divert from the today's discussion. I'm here to post my reviews on Arpit's book.

This book is a love story of a guy named Avinash and a gal named Lisha or Lenika or whatever (what's in a name, all gals are the same...huh). First they meet in same school and fell in love with each other. But their contact couldn't last for long. And then again in this roundly seeming world their destiny gives them another chance after 15 years in same college. So they fell in love with each other twice, without knowing about their first love story. But you know we can't fight with destiny. After meeting twice, they are again separated from each other with Zero probability of meeting again in life.

Now, I know what question is coming to your mind. Why they separated again and why they can't meet in life again? The answer is so simple and known to mankind. There is a famous saying in love "till the death do us apart". And the same saying becomes their separator. The gal dies in an accident. That's how their story ends (or rather lasts forever...)

"Nothing for you my Dear - Still I Love You" seems to be the appropriate title for the book I guess. The whole story goes in a flashback where Avinash tells his tale to Neha (a girl with whom Avinash's parents want to arrange his marriage). Overall, the book is quite good to give a try. But it is the last 40-45 pages which are more interesting to read on. So, my score on this book is 7/10 (take it as a reader's opinion only).

So, that's it for today.

Bye, take care

(Oh...I forgot to thank my friend Vishal who gifted me this book. Thanks Vishal.)

Monday, 18 January, 2010

The CA Saga....!

Hi All

Yesterday was the day I won't forget in my life, the 17th of Jan 2010, when I got the much awaited CA title. The journey began on 27th of Dec 2005 when I got registered with ICAI for CA course. After 4 years and 21 days the hard work has paid off. Still about 8 months to go to get the official CA status.

Being the first CA in the clan obviously makes it more special. But the death of my Uncle (father's elder brother) couple of days before the result made the happiness taste like tea without sugar to a non-diabetic man. Joys and sorrows are both part of life and we should and have to accept them in their original form.

While many of my friends also managed to cleared up but some of them couldn't get it this time. But I know they all deserve it and will get it next time. Also the overall result didn't influenced me much. Just 9% of total candidates appeared got through.

Message for my friends who couldn't cleared up : My friends, I know its easy to suggest and hard to apply but you have to be strong enough to face any difficulty in life. If you take it like any other exam I'm sure that no one can stop you to get what you really deserve. It's only the fear of failure which comes in the way of success. So don't fear and face it like any other test.

Lastly I want to thank my family, friends, teachers and above all God, for their continuous support and encouragement. I'm also feeling more responsible to start my professional life but I'm surely gonna miss my student days. I just love those days and I can't forget those moments.......

Remember friends, Failure is not fatal and success is not final.

Bye...Keep Smiling

Wednesday, 13 January, 2010

Your Tears...!

In the last winters,
When you were here,
I can't forget,
The time we shared.
The little fights, more joys,
The chocolate cake, and gifts of toys.
Laughing together till our tears fall,
Then getting a hug from you leaned to the wall.
The words were three,
But they meant lot to me.
The kisses in the air,
I thought were fair.
Coming to your home,
Meeting to your mom.
The moments were high,
And I don't lie.

Now the year has past,
Another winter is about to last.
The time can't be recalled,
I tried but I failed.
I know I ditched you,
You said 'I know you'.
My mistake is unforgivable,
Still I think you are lovable.
But I can't come back for sure,
I have taken a wrong path though.

Your love was I treasured the most,
I know I can't repair the loss.
But I'm happy as you can see,
The same I want you to be.
Don't fall your tears for me,
I beg to you on my knee.

The poem may not be rhyming to perfection,
But that is how I can show my affection.

Smile always, for you look beautiful when you do,
And I wish the life gives the best to you.

(Dedicated to all the visitors)

Monday, 11 January, 2010

Hard to Live, Harder to Born...!


Today I have nothing interesting to share with you. But I do have very sensitive topic to discuss. But let me first ask all of you that as a human, do we have any right to do anything we want? Do we have a right to interfere in the working of nature? And most importantly, do we have any right to take some one's life? I don't know about others but as far as I'm concerned, my answer to all the above questions is a BIG NO.

Now, I'm gonna start what I have for today.

Couple of days ago I read somewhere that a young girl came to a doctor and told that she was a college going girl and was only 19. She told the doctor (lady doctor of-course) that she was 4 months pregnant. The doctor, like all of you, had understood that it was a case of amateur relationship. Now the question is, what was the girl doing at the doctor's place and what she wanted now. Obviously according to doctor's intuition she was there to get rid of it and wanted the doctor to help her to abort the child. The further news has nothing to do with my discussion.

The thing I want to discuss is the cause of all this nonsense. There is not only this kind of relationships that cost the life of unborn but also the families where a girl child is regarded a curse. Now what can be done about above two issues.

Firstly, the young ones should understand to control their nerves and if they can't then they must use some kind of protection before they get involved into this (sorry the words may sound bold to some of you but the topic is itself very bold). Getting into this kind of relations at the time of making your career and thereafter taking some one's precious life makes you the biggest sinner. The truth that someone can't attack back doesn't mean you own his/her life. Also the reputation of the families concerned are at stake.

Secondly, the families where giving birth to a girl child is considered as a crime make the biggest crime by killing them even before their birth or soon after they are born. Well, the people with this kind of psychology need to change their minds. They need to accept the truth that without women they themselves could not be born (it need not be mentioned that men can't do everything on their own). Their mothers, sisters, wives are all women. So, why can't they let an angel come to their home.

How can you murder a child who hasn't even opened his/her eyes to see the beautiful world. Who hasn't yet spoken a single word out of his/her mouth, hasn't cried like he/she is singing a beautiful rhyme, hasn't ever smiled to make everyone do alike, hasn't held your hand to learn to walk, hasn't lived a life that he/she was made to live.

That's all I have to say about it. I'm not interested to become any one's guide. I wanted to make my point and I've made it. Do what you like to do. I don't mind and I don't care. But remember that nothing goes un-noticed. The GOD is making a note of everything we do and HE is not gonna leave us easy.

Take care. Have a good life and let others have it too.

Friday, 8 January, 2010

The Countdown Begins...!

Hi All
Today ICAI officially announced our CA Final result date. Now, what it means. It means that no matter how far you run away from the time, it will follow you anywhere, like 'Hutch Dog'. I remember the day of my last paper. It was the feeling that can't be expressed. Almost two months have passed and it seems like yesterday. We forget everything but the time is greatest reminder. Now its the time for results and I'm scared like I was on my first paper.

We, the CA students can bear anything like painful work hours, continous study and anything tough, but its the result that wins the battle against us. And me also like other students afraid of the very name of Result. Oh.. I forgot to tell you its 17th of Jan.

And today I want to say best of luck to all my friends who wrote the Finals with me. Can I name them all? Ok, I'm gonna do it. You do whatever you can. They are --

Rajat Bhatia
Raghav Seth
Raghav Mehra
Pooja Bhaskar
Raghav Talwar
Vishal Aggarwal
...and sorry guys if I forget someone. You are in my heart. Best of luck buddies...

Disclaimer: The names in the above list are not in the order of preference.

Now time for some philosophy- Guys, you have to keep in mind that nothing comes before right time. Life takes exam at every step of it and we should take it as it comes. This is not an option but this is all we can do. I'm not saying that we sit down and let failure ruin us. But, face it and win over it. The one who is sitting above (GOD) has decided our destiny. Neither we can change it nor we can fight with HIM. So, better respect HIS decision and be a good child.

Once again good luck to the students expecting result.

I'll come back with more words.

Bye and take care, it's very cold outside. Try to be warm but don't start drinking....Okey

Wednesday, 6 January, 2010

Will I get through....?

Hi All
"Will I get Through". Ya, this is the question which is bothering me now-a-days. My CA Final result is about to come and I'm not sure what will be there for me, the CA title or another 6 months of study. Well, there is no doubt that one who writes CA exams has put his/her best in it but there comes the luck which plays a vital role in your success. My exams finished on 19th November 2009 and since then I'm totally out of touch with my books (text books of course, novels and other books are on), and if something negative happens I'm gonna die for sure (not literally but you know what I mean). But I'm keeping my mind distracted from the thoughts of result thats why I'm writing this Blog (but why herein also I'm talking about this). Huh...

So, my friends life is very complicated and full of tension. And I think I don't need to say all this because Ye dunia hai ye sab janti hai.

Now some fun time.

I've started reading a book called 'Be an Extraordinary Person in an Ordinary World' written by Robert H. Schuller. I want to share a small story from the book. This goes like this---

A bus driver in Chicago had a female passenger who was really irritated by something. She let loose with a string of unrepeatable words. Everybody was ashamed. And then the bus stopped, the profane passenger got ready to disembark, and the bus driver said, 'Madam, you left something behind'. She asked him what it was and he said,'A very bad impression'.

The message from the above we get is that we should always mind our words. Rather we should mind our behaviour because the person we meet in our daily life may not meet us again but they surely gonna remember us for what we left behind, and that thing is the BAD IMPRESSION. So, the point is, people not gonna forget you shortly and make sure that you leave a good impression on them.

Thats for today.

Signing off.

Tuesday, 5 January, 2010

Should I start...?

Hi All...
As now you have clicked here to read my Blog let me first tell you that this is not the first time I have created my Blog. But it is definitely the first time I have started posting on the Blog. Before this I tried twice to write my Blog but just created it and then didn't even visited my own Blog. Huh..It's interesting to see that how people can write about them for so long. As far as I'm concerned I can't even write about myself in the Resume.

But, but, but.......This is not a stupid Resume in which I have to write a neat lie which can help me to get a Big Buck Job. This is MY BLOG and I can write here whatever is going on my mind and heart.

Though I like writing but my pen never supported me to put my thoughts on paper...And guess what...I have found an idea...Use the keyboard...Right?

Oh I forgot...First of all, a very Happy New Year to all of you. May the year ahead gives you life long memories.

Thats it for now.

Keep reading.

Comments are welcome.

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