Sunday, 24 October, 2010

The 100th 'Dream'y post

Well , before I began to open my chatter box , first let me wish you Deepak a lot of wishes and congratulations for completing and reaching this landmark .. Although I am writing your 100th post :P , I , on behalf of every reader would like to express our happiness by offering you a sweet chocolate cake :D ( Akele mat khana , you need to share with us , and that goes without saying .. otherwise we will stop coming to your blog :P heheheheh..Just kidding ! :D )

Now coming on to the field , huh ..what to tell about this guy ?? Well , this is one of the best blogger friend with whom I have hardly had one or two personal interaction and others via our blogs .. (Now this is a perfect example of virtual friendship , hai na ? ) It was One Another Night , as far as I remember that I landed on his blog and commented .. From then on , I was always dragged towards this space by the wonderful , painful , beautiful words that somehow always left me with strokes of imagination from the brushes of his words ..

If my poor memory is right , then from then on I always commented on his post .. Every time , I would finish reading the last line , I would be filled up with emotions , that would be beautifully portrayed in words . And then his shayari blog ... Omg !! Deepak , you really write wonderful shayaris yaar .. They just leave me spellbound , and it makes me wonder that how come a Chartered Accountant , ( yeah a CA!!! ) can play with words , in small numbers and yet bring out so many emotions and at times rigger so many thoughts to the readers .. Indeed , thats not easy right ??

Another thing that I really appreciate and fascinates me about him is his enthusiastic nature .. One can see him experimenting with various genres in writing .. Haikus , 55 fictions , poems , shayaris , stories , microfiction , personal , I can go on and on .. And maybe I will short in words to keep writing , but his spirit and passion to write , is really laudable .. Calling himself amateur , yet at times his writing boasts of thoughts from a matured mind , really makes me wonder that how this shayar can call himself as an 'amateur' ?

Personally , though I don't know much about him , all I know he is really a good hearted person , with elements of softness in his nature . His maturity speaks when you interact with him and his careful selection of words , honesty , simplicity really makes you feel that this is one friend who is trustworthy ..

And the one biggest thing , oh how can I forgot that ? His comments on my blog and the invisble support he gives me ... Well , thank you soooooooo much Deepak , especially for that 'one' comment , which actually still makes my blog going .. It wasn't that I didn't receive any other comment or bloggies who told me not to leave , but reading your comment , I dunno why , made me take a step back on my own decision , which made my plunge into blogging again .. So buddy , every time I post something , somewhere in the corner of my smile , your words still reside there :)

I am really thankful that I met such a wonderful friend in blogosphere .. And Deepak , thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to making an advance booking to write here , weeks back :) I really am still smiling and writing here was really a pleasure .. On behalf of every reader , I congratulate you once again on your 100th step in blog world and I wish I get the opportunity to write the 200th post soon :P:D


That was really a special treat. Thank you for this. Like you, me too have got a really nice friend on the blogosphere, and that is YOU. You may not believe that but I'm an amateur writer. I really am. I have a long way to go before I can really introduce myself as a 'writer'.

And like you said, I was one of the reasons you didn't quit blogging, I always will. You can't leave us in the midway. This beautiful journey of writing is all about walking together, always.

Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful post and taking my blog posts to three digits. And yes, keep yourself ready to write my 200th post. You're booked again in advance.

Thanks for the chocolate cake of course. I would love to share it with all the readers. Lick your fingers, I don't mind.


Friday, 22 October, 2010

The Stubborn Kid

Last night was not ordinary. It wasn't extraordinary either. There happened something that wasn't happened before. I stepped into the shoes of my grandpa and he stepped into mine. Let me mention here that he is too old to realize that he was actually behaving like a little kid. As I said, he is too old, 91 years to be exact. He is more than 3.5 times elder than me. But last night he again turned 3.5 years old kid.

He is not well since some days. And he was so frustrated that he decided not to eat anything and end up his life like that. And let me tell you that he is a real stubborn. Once he has decided to do or not to do something then no one can change his mind easily. He is like Salman Khan of the movie 'Wanted' which says 'ek baar maine jo commitment kar di phir mein apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta'. We had to request him for almost an hour to eat something. But he was he. Then me and dad pulled him by his arm and made him sit on the bed. Everything was OK till now.

What caught my attention the most was that he was too weak to hold the spoon and eat. I mean he was never like that. He was more fit than other family members even in his 80s. I fed him. He was eating like a kid. Eating less and falling more. I was thinking how it all happened. There were days when he used to feed us like this and today it was all in reverse order. Me turning his grandpa and he turning a kid again.

After he was done with his meal, he said something which caught my attention even harder. He said 'tum jeet gaye'. And in his words I felt that though I have done something good for him but he was feeling like a lost warrior.

I don't scare of death but I scare of getting old.

Thursday, 21 October, 2010

I Fear

"Hey, look down, it is so scary", one of my friends shouted.

"Harry, come forward. See the cars and the people look like shrunk", Oliver said without looking back at me.

"No, I'm scared of the height", I replied looking at the other side. A beautiful Dove was teaching her baby Dove how to fly. I wished some day I could fly without fear.

P.S. - The story may be fictional but I actually fear of the height and this is one of the things I want to conquer.

Wednesday, 20 October, 2010

Pictorial Words # 1

P.S. - This time, like words, the picture used in this post is all mine. Clicked it some time back on a late summer night.

Also prompted at: Three Word Wednesday

Sunday, 17 October, 2010


"Pay the rent or leave this space", his landlord ordered him, "I'm going to my native place to donate some silver statues for the temple. Make your mind before I return."

"OK", he couldn't speak more. Perhaps statues are more precious than living beings, he thought, or maybe God is nothing more than a statue.

P.S. - Well, I tried to speak from the heart of a poor tenant in this 55 fiction but I personally believe and have immense faith in God. He knows what we deserve and He knows how and when we'll get it. He has His own ways. Have Faith.

Sunday, 10 October, 2010


Each night a new player
Tired of living a blemish life
Lonely prostitute seeks escape

Sunday, 3 October, 2010


In your eyes deep down
I look for nothing but love
My life rejoices

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