Monday, 28 June, 2010

The Making Of Memories

Last weekend I was on a journey with two more idiots (my friends of course). The journey where we got an opportunity to make memories for lifetime, and we did succeed. The journey was unique in its own way because we never went so crazy like this before. I mean the idiotness of 3 Idiots was on peak. I miss it a lot and hope other two idiots would also be missing it. So, here I want to share some moments of the beautiful journey with my two other companions.

The Start Up Point

The bench on the local railway station where we
rested for a while and then left it alone after
creating the beautiful memories and capturing it.

The Carriage

The train which took us to our destination.
It was our second train and we caught it running in the rain
at about 04:15 a.m. in the morning and that too without ticket
because the arrival time of first train and departure
time of second train was almost same, so we didn't have
enough time to buy the tickets.


The Maggi and the tea. Let me tell you that
it was the best Maggi and tea we have ever
had in our lives. Sitting at a place where we could
see water fall from the mountains and having delicious
breakfast like this is all very rare and special.

We, the Three

The meeting of our feet. It shows that we
are always together wherever we go.

Three hands of 3 Idiots

When we hold someone's hand we are
making sure that we will never leave it nor we
will let go even if the other wants to go away.

The Beauty of Nature

We never knew that moon looks that beautiful
at 02:00 a.m. in the night. Listening to the songs
with friends wrapped in the same blanket in
the cold night of mountains at the late hour.
What more can you ask from life.

They held us

The chairs where we were sitting in the
cold mountains night wrapped in the blanket.

Our Lunch

We had lunch of Coke and chips and peanuts.
Unique in itself again.

Watery Memory

Our three pairs of feet in the cold water.
The water touched and left, after creating
a beautiful watery memory.

The Milestone

It was just a stone before we turned it into milestone
with our names engraved on it. Hope it remains the
same when we visit next time there.
3 Idiots - Rajat, Vishal, Deepak


Do you want to meet us three?
Here we go.
Scroll down.

Here we are - 3 Idiot friends.
You can't see our faces?
Wait a second.
Scroll down again.
We, the Idiots

Me, Vishal and Rajat
(left to right)

I am afraid that someday I will cry recalling all the moments we spent together.

With lots of love,
your friend,

Sunday, 20 June, 2010

I Owe You

You, yes you,
I owe everything
to just only you.

I may not express,
I may not show,
but to you, only you,
everything I owe.

My very first walk,
holding your finger,
is what makes me
even today ginger.

With you, I had
no fear, only joys,
without a single penny,
I owned all the toys.

Going to school,
holding your hand,
sometimes ran away,
to just play a prank.

The pocket money
even of a little amount,
is worth more than
perhaps I'll ever count.

Sometimes I did,
sometimes I do,
but I never want
to really hurt you.

I silently admire,
what you've taught,
I'll take it along,
what I've caught.

You poured on me,
your love and care.
May you live long,
and keep on to share.

To just only you,
Everything I owe,
to you, yes you.

P.S. - Happy Fathers' Day.

Friday, 18 June, 2010

25 Out Of 65

Following is the Tag where I was supposed to strikethrough the points which I have not done. And guess what, it is all stroke through. I mean I just got 25 out of 65. There are many things left to be done before I die. Never mind. Read on and try yourself too. Its fun.

1. Graduated high school
2. Kissed someone (It must not be GF only, I guess)
3. Smoked a cigarette
4. Got so drunk you passed out
5. Rode every ride at an amusement park
6. Collected something stupid
7. Gone to a rock concert
8. Helped someone
9. Gone fishing
10. Watched four movies in one night (not much fond of movies)
11. Lied to someone (everyone does)
12. Snorted cocaine
13. Smoked weed
14. Failed a subject (Never. Thank God.)
15. Been in a car accident (how about bike accident)
16. Been in a tornado
17. Watched someone die
18. Been to a funeral
19. Burned yourself
20. Run a marathon
21. Cried yourself to sleep
22. Spent over 10000 bucks in one day
23. Flown on an aeroplane
24. Cheated on someone
25. Been cheated on
26. Written a 10 page letter
27. Gone skiing
28. Been sailing
29. Cut yourself
30. Had a best friend
31. Lost someone you loved
32. Got into trouble for something you didn't do
33. Stolen a book from library
34. Gone to a different country
35. Watched the Harry Potter movies (see point number 10 again)
36. Had an online diary (I still have. This one.)
37. Fired a gun (not real one)
38. Gambled in a casino
39. Been in a school play (but yes, I've played there a lot)
40. Been fired from a job (don't have a job, so there is no question of being fired)
41. Taken a lie detector test
42. Swam with dolphins
43. Voted for someone on a reality TV show
44. Written poetry
45. Read more than 20 books a year (will do by the end of this year)
46. Gone to Europe (not yet, but it is in my wishlist)
47. Loved someone you shouldn't have
48. Used a colouring book over age 12
49. Had a surgery
50. Had stitches
51. Taken a taxi
52. Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once
53. Been in a fist fight
54. Suffered any form of abuse
55. Had a pet (parents didn't allow)
56. Petted a wild animal
57. Had your credit card & bought something with it (but with internet banking - yes)
58. Dyed your hair
59. Got a tattoo
60. Had something pierced
61. Got straight A's
62. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS
63. Taken pictures with a webcam
64. Lost something expensive
65. Gone to sleep with music on

P.S. - Tag is open to all. Take it up if you want to.

Wednesday, 16 June, 2010

Meadow Memories

"Papa get up, we are getting late," I pulled his finger with my little hands to go to the meadow near the river, the place where most of my Sundays were spent.

"OK", he didn't let me down like always.

When we reached there, I ran away and hid myself in the grass.

"Jack, come out, don't hide", he shouted.

I didn't come out and keep laughing and shouting,"Trace me Dad, if you can".

And then he did, like always. Pulled me up and hugged me and kissed me. "Naughty boy", he called me.

I miss the days when the grass was longer than me. Wherever I hid, he'd always find me. I thought as if he was a magician or something. Whenever I broke my toy, I'd find it perfectly fine as if it was never broken. Whenever I got scared to go out in dark, he'd always accompany me. All these things make him special for me. Memories were flashing before my eyes.

I woke up when my three years old kid pulled my finger with his little hands and said,"Get up papa, we'd go to the meadows near the river".

I realized memories never erase, no matter how hard you try. They will always trace you wherever you go. When memories are so beautiful, who would prefer them to be erased from heart? At least, me not.

"Lets go Jim", I got up and held his hand tightly so that he don't run away and hide himself in the grass.

Monday, 14 June, 2010

In Search Of God

I went to temple, God wasn't there,
there was only a stone statue standing,
I bowed to it and came back.

I went to the mosque, He wasn't there as well,
there lying was some sacred soul in deep sleep,
I didn't feel like to disturb and came back.

I went to gurdwara, didn't saw Him there too,
there was kept a covered holy book in the middle,
I sat there for a while and came back.

I went to the church, God wasn't there again,
Christ's statue I saw having both eyes closed,
I lit a candle and came back.

I looked up at the sky and prayed,
that God please show me where you are?
the dark clouds poured some drops on me.

I sat under a tree to get shelter,
and waited for the rain to stop.
the tree didn't even hesitate to get me in.

The rain soon stopped and I got up,
to continue my journey in search of God.
as I started to walk the tree waved me.

Soon I began to think about quiting,
but somewhere deep inside me,
a voice called me up to don't lose hope.

I again started to walk with no clear path,
mountains, forests, deserts and oceans,
nothing left to be visited on the planet.

Then I looked inside me again,
to find where the voice came from earlier,
I realized I was carrying my destination with me.

The journey ended where it had begun from.

Saturday, 12 June, 2010

Eight Minutes Love Story

It was a beautiful journey. I was sitting at window seat like I normally do irrespective of who my companion is. The beauty outside was such that it can't be described in words. The rain drops were striking against the window glass and I was getting desperate to feel the droplets but couldn't. The train was moving on the mountain tracks like a snake does. I was enjoying the view outside which the zigzag move of the train bringing for me. It stopped at a small station for a while. I was still lost in the beauty the nature was offering at that very moment. I was so lost that I couldn't hear or see what was going on inside and who was coming in or leaving from my compartment. I was thinking like it was my last journey of life and so was trying to enjoy it fully.

Though I was wearing quite enough apparels but still I was shivering as she noticed but I didn't. Probably she was wondering as if the journey was more interesting than her. She offered me a cup of tea.

"Please have this, you are shivering of cold", a caring voice hit my ears,"and shut the window if you please".

"No, no. I'm fine", I said. At this moment I realized that I was actually shivering. How crazy I was?

She was sitting right in front of me. She would have come in at the last station. She offered again.

"Please have this, don't hesitate", she insisted. I took the hot cup of tea from the hot one (not to take it otherwise) sitting against me.

I was trying to begin a conversation but all I could do was to stare her from one corner of my eye and look outside from the other. She started the conversation and I thanked God.

"Actually my family is in next compartment. I stepped down to buy a couple of cups of tea. The train moved on, so I got in this compartment. I'd catch them at the next station which is just eight minutes away."

Her last sentence brought me back to my senses. I took back my 'Thank You' from God. How could the destiny do it to me? The journey (I mean, the love journey) had just begun and she was about to leave in halfway. (Yeah, I could actually feel my love for her, though it was just three minutes old. What? Three minutes had already passed). I was praying that somehow the wheels of time forget to move ahead.

"Oh, I see", I said sipping the hot tea which had become cold by then. I was finding words to make the conversation going. "Where are you from and where are you going to", I gathered my courage to ask such a cowardice question.

"I'm from Bangalore and me and my family are going to spend some days at beautiful places of Kashmir", she replied.

"What is your name", she asked.

"Dee...", I was saying when she exclaimed,"Hey, thats my station". "...pak", I completed my name in my heart.

She got up and left the compartment. My eyes followed her until she was gone out of sight. At the platform, she waved me and I waved her back through the window. I was about to ask her name but she was already turned her face to the other side.

The train moved again. I was no more viewing outside. I was staring at the seat in front of me. I realized that it is not the road we leave behind in a journey, not the trees and the farms either. But it is the - memories - we leave behind which make us remember the journey. The more we leave behind the memories the more they catch hold of us.

Next station was my stop. I looked for her but couldn't find her. The train moved and I waved it from behind. From that day on, I started to love the tea, specially offered ones.

Friday, 11 June, 2010

Permanent is What?

Change. What a word. For some it is good and for others, it may be the worst word ever invented to be included in encyclopedia. The thought came to mind when yesterday I changed my Blog template and name. I felt very happy today that my friends gave very honest opinion about this little change (little? at least I guess so). Friends, I just want to add that no change is ever permanent because if it was, it wasn't a change at all.

So, I was talking about change. I think every bad change feels good initially and every good change feels uncomfortable in the beginning. But as soon as the change starts to reveal it's true colors, our perception changes. When a person you love changes, it feels so uncomfortable that you can't bear the change or perhaps don't want to accept the reality. But as they say, everything happens for good and this too may have happened for the good because that person may not deserve your love. Lets take an opposite example. A person when initially starts taking alcohol or the stuff like that, may find it pleasurable in the beginning but soon the pleasure turns into pain. Then he realizes that it wasn't a good change at all. So, initially we don't have enough sense to judge what is good or bad.

Like I said earlier, every change is first uncomfortable. But what next when we start feeling comfortable with it? Well, that is the time to make the change again. No change is ever permanent. Change has to be changed again.

Thursday, 10 June, 2010


Well, change is the only thing which is constant. And acting on this saying, I've just changed my Blog template and also the title of the Blog from 'The Last Page of My Diary' to 'Replica'. So I hope you like the change and keep showing your love as before. Please let me know about your views on this by commenting in the comment box.

Thank You All
With Love.

Wednesday, 9 June, 2010

My World

whole day long, I
keep wandering
here and there,
knowing no place
to be exactly where.

tired and breathless
I try to find a place
where I can
sit and rest
and have solace.

nothing seems
genuine in this
whole bloody world,
no noble face I see
all look cruel.

and when I get
too much tired
I get up to find
my hidden world
and someone kind

there I find
some sure hope
after having roam
for whole day long
I reach to her at home

her loving touch
makes me feel
better instantly,
the kiss on forehead
and a hug with love
do all that is needed

every evening,
tired and breathless
I reach my home,
there I get my world,
waiting eagerly for me,
my lovely Mom

Monday, 7 June, 2010

As If You Don't Know

Boss: Are you ready with your project?
Me: It is almost done, sir. By the way, what is the dead line?
Boss: As if you don't know. It was yesterday, you fool.


Me: Where were you whole day? Don't you bother I was waiting?
Brother: As if you don't know. I have a job. Not like you, who is glued to the computer whole day.


Me: What's up Dad?
Dad: As if you don't know. I'm retired and enjoying my days. Do some work so that you also get this pleasure some day.
Me: Oh.. come on Dad.


Me: Do you still miss me?
She: As if you don't know.


Me: What is for the dinner Mom? I'm very hungry.
Mom: As if you don't know. Don't expect Paneer daily. And by the way, why are you so much hungry? Did you do farming today?
Me: Huh...


Me: You are looking hot. Whose dress are you wearing today?
Colleague: As if you don't know. I wear my own clothes. Not like you, wearing borrowed socks.
Me: Just kidding.


Me: Hey, why are you sad? Did she reject you? hehehe
Friend: As if you don't know. We are getting married and now I can't even see other chicks.
Me: Well, thats a big twist in your life. Anyways, I am your substitute, mate. hehehe


P.S. - Guys, all the incidents and conversations mentioned above are purely fictitious and for fun only.

Saturday, 5 June, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 11; the eleventh edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

It was like just another day. I was sitting on a bench in the same old park where I used to play as a kid. But today I was watching other kids at play. It was a pleasure to watch these kids playing and fighting and playing again together. But there was a kid sitting under a tree in one of the corners of the park. Being too old to get up, I couldn't go to him but could only see him sitting there with a sad face. The boy was looking decent but was wearing ragged clothes. I thought the other kids didn't want him to play with them. I called up a boy playing nearby.

"Why that little boy is sitting alone there?", I asked the other kid,"Why he is not playing with you all?"

"Uncle, we can't play with him", he replied.

"Why so?", I wanted to know the reason.

"Because our Moms say he is poor and don't deserve our company", he answered innocently,"Her mother works as maid in our homes".

He ran away leaving a thought in my mind that if all are God's kids then why we discriminate? Who is wrong, our kids or we, the parents? I came home with my mind occupying these questions. I tried but couldn't find the hidden answers.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Friday, 4 June, 2010

It Did Rain Today

It did rain today, and it did heavily after a long time though only for a few minutes. But as long as it did, it gave me an opportunity to celebrate my melancholy, for there was no one who could be having an eye on me. All were celebrating the first raindrops of the season while I was busy with my own old flash backs.

With each thunder hitting my ears, I could remember all that was forgotten, as it worked as a reminder. One of these made me think about someone who is very scared from the horrible voice of clashing clouds but nothing could be done now on my part to keep her distract. I hope, by now she has learnt to manage it alone. Another one reminded me about the days when rain seemed to be beautiful than anything else. Gone are the days when getting wet in the rain was all exciting. Gone are the days when rain would bring new hope for life.

Now, every time a sadness hits the heart, wait for the rain arises. Today the wait was over. Rain drops were falling on my face. Lips converted into curves to show a smile and eyes went shut. Soon the cloudy water was mixed with salty water. They met as if they were waiting for long to meet like this. Soon it all went as planned. Melancholy was coming out in the form of tears yet no one had a clue about this. Heart was pouring through the eyes at it's best today. Nothing could stop the flow. But soon it did end, as the rain stopped. Lips were normal again, the pair of eyes slowly opened to see the change it wanted to see. Somehow, this heavy heart felt a little lighter. Hope was born again.

Today it did rain heavy from the heavens above and so it did from the heart.

Wednesday, 2 June, 2010

Life Lessons

Everyday he used to teach me a new theory about life. I always listened but never tried to apply them. I thought they weren't meant for me. Today I realize that I was being too budge to move even an inch according to his teachings. But it is too late I guess, for now I nimble in the race of life and there is no one to teach me how to keep balance. And each time I fall down, I thank God that I at least listened to him and can do my best to apply his theories. Father is father after all.

Tuesday, 1 June, 2010

Awards Time

Writing... It means a lot to me. Words are not enough to describe it's importance in my existence. It feels really nice when you are recognized. I want to thank all my followers and readers whose love and support constantly inspire me to get better every time I write. While recognition makes you happy, it also throws a sort of responsibility upon you. Thank you all.

Below are some of the awards I recently got from my fellow bloggers adreamygal and Chandana. Thank you both of you.

From adreamygal

- I have to thank the person giving me this award. (Done above)
- I have to tell five random things about me. (See below, not yours but on this post)
- Pass this award to two bloggers I like the most. (Again see below)

Well, five random things are-
- I'm a Chartered Accountant (if you don't know). I don't know what is special about it but I'm proud of being one, for there is only one among 10000 in India (approximately).
- I love this place of mine (my blog). After a tired day at work, this place makes me relax.
- I'm very nostalgic kind of person. I always miss my past and sometimes even miss to enjoy the beauty of the present.
- Right now, while chatting on Facebook, one of my friends is insisting me to go for outing for some days . I'm making excuses and he said we will go without you and you keep writing your blog alone :-)
- I'm irritated by his convincing power and have logged out from Facebook :-)

I will pass on this award to-
- Leo
- Raajii
I like their blogs very much (apart from adreamygal's)

From Chandana

This goes to-
- Adreamygal
- Raajii
- Leo

From Chandana

This one is for-
- Zave
- Adreamygal
- Raajii

From Chandana

This is for-
- Sylvia K
- Zave
- Adreamygal

Signing off for today. Take care. Love you all.

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