Wednesday, 25 May, 2011


After a long spell of love making, we lay down beside each other wrapping my arm around her, still naked but covered with a sheet. She was playing with my chest and I was constantly gazing at the ceiling.

Suddenly the silence broke. "So, would you still love me", she paused for a while and completed, "once we're out of this bed?"

I grinned. "Is that a question? Of course I love you", I replied controlling myself.

"Love is something beyond just naked bodies meeting each other", she seemed serious. Perhaps she got the clue. I didn't respond.

After a few minutes, I was left alone in jumble full of bed. I lit a cigarette and thought, "Better die of nicotine than love".

P.S. - I don't smoke, nor do I hate love.

Sunday, 15 May, 2011


Wounds, your love gifted
are the treasures for life;
will keep them unhealed

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