Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

What a Life

Empty mind is like devil's house. It goes well even today. I've not been well for some days and by sitting home all day, my mind also behaved the same way. For some days I was thinking more about my past. I mean, the good times I had in past. And most of it was which I spent with my friends at school, college, coaching center or wherever. Now the life has changed. Changed to better (or worse, I could not understand). Now the time doesn't move our way. It moves us in the way it likes. When we were kids, we never had any problem with time. We had a lot of it. There would still some time left even spending it unwisely. Now we don't have time despite we have become good managers of time.

Earlier everything was given a personal touch. Meeting a friend, writing a letter, smelling the flowers, dancing in the rain, playing with the mates and a lot more. Now, we are more surrounded with gadgets than people. From televisions to mobiles to computers to i-pods to everything. Everything is so digital that we don't need to give a personal touch to anything. It saves a lot more time for us. Still we don't have much of it. Meeting the friends in chat rooms, writing texts than hand made cards, making new virtual friends than real ones, all seems so exciting to us. But what is the fun. I mean, life was never so noisy without these at all. There is no peace left. Everyone is running after something. No one cares about anyone. Gadgets have become friends for life and friends are being used as gadgets. Man made gadgets and now they are making the man. Sometimes life seems blessed while it feels cursed sometimes.

Life moves on, either you like it or not. It has it's own way to lead and you cannot say NO to it's commands. So, as soon as you come to the real world, your choices don't matter anymore. You just have to accept what comes your way. Life is out of your control. Still it will be called LIFE, forever..... Silly...!!

Saturday, 24 April, 2010

The Best Friend

Once there was a very rich businessman. He visited the temple and prayed there everyday. He carried on with this schedule for 20 years after which he died.

By chance his servant also passed away the same day. Both reached the doors of God's place at the same time. The rich man saw God coming to the gate bare-footed. He was happy and thought,"I was a true follower of God. So he will welcome me personally." But to his surprise, God welcomed the servant and did not even look at the rich man. Then God ordered his soldiers to take them both to heaven.

A little upset, the rich man went up to God and said,"I used to go to temple daily and worship you. I have not committed any sin. Do you agree with me?"

"Yes, I do," God replied. "That's why I am sending you to heaven."

The rich man continued,"But I never saw my servant praying. So why the grand welcome for him?"

God replied,"I agree that you prayed for long hours. But you always took me as a 'giver' and 'defender'. You looked upon me as a supreme power that lives in temple. I fulfilled all your expectations and always stood besides you. Your servant never went to any temple and never prayed. But he thought that I was always with him and used to share everything with me. Like, whenever any guest came to your house, he would say,'Oh God, now I'll have to make another cup of tea.' In this way, he became my best friend. A best friend is the one who shares each and every thought and feeling with you. That's why I gave him Sudama welcome."

Thus we need to take a lesson for this story. The businessman gave God the respect and prayed to Him daily. But the servant endeared himself to God with his whole-hearted acceptance of God's presence every moment in his life. God values true relationships and such friends are always welcome into his abode.

P.S. - This story was published in a newspaper 3-4 years back. The cutting is still available with me. Just thought to share it with all of you.

Monday, 19 April, 2010

I Wasn't Exception

In Love...
all lose their heart and soul
and I was not exception

In Love...
everyone gets pain and all
and I was not exception

In Love...
tears pour in big and small
and I was not exception

In Love...
dreams break like a glass ball
and I was not exception

In Love...
no one learns without a hard fall
and I was not exception

P.S. - This was written in my journal months back. Only a fiction, don't be serious guys.

Saturday, 17 April, 2010


It was couple of days after 2003 Diwali that I bought a small journal to put my thoughts in words. I hid it behind my course books placed on a shelf in my room. Initially I was very excited to write daily in my journal, though only a few lines. Earlier I used to write in Hindi. I never told anybody about my love for writing and perhaps my family still doesn't know where my journal is hidden.

Then in January this year, I started writing on this blog. I received a very positive response from my family and friends and by this time many of my friends know about my secret love i.e. writing. As you all know, on this blog I only write in English and will continue in future too.

Now, I thought why not share with all of you the initial piece of my art work. I would be sharing my earlier Hindi writings on a new blog. This is named Meri Kalam Se...!.

So guys please show your love there as well and enjoy reading while Nostalgic Writes.

P.S. - Please let me know if you liked the surprise or not. The Ink Drop box awaits some drops down the line.

Tuesday, 13 April, 2010

I Wish I were...

I wish I were a drop of dew
when the sun rays touch me
I shine as bright as you

I wish I were a flower
surrounded by the thorns
spreading fragrance however

I wish I were breeze
moving without directions
living my life with ease

I wish I were rain
falling on the ground
washing all your pain

I wish I were a tree
standing tall whole life
living at least sin-free

I wish I were a sparrow
flying not so high in the sky
yet making the world so narrow

I wish I were a poem
written in a few words
expressions with rhyme

Saturday, 10 April, 2010

I Love You Sunday

O Sunday
You've come again
I was waiting for you eagerly
For there is no other day
Which I can live in my own way

Full of week
I don't find time
To do the things I love to do
It's only you which helps me
Week after week
And then pass away silently
Without giving a chance
To give a word of thanks

You provide me with enough time
To pick up the book half read...
To find the words for a poem to finish...
To meet the pals waiting there for me...
To sleep one extra hour in the morning...
To sit with the family for lunch...
To surf the net till it feels boring...
To write a new post on the Blog...
And for many more things alike...
Without the need to watch the watch

But you come only for a day
And when you leave
It's feels sad to wish you good bye
Though only for another week

There is always a hope to see you again
And you always keep your promise
You've never been late
Come exactly when I need you

O sunday
I love you so much
For there is no other day
Which I can live in my own way

Friday, 9 April, 2010

One Beautiful Moment

there are moments
which we don't want to let go
at least not as easy as they wish
one that moment just passed away
of course I tried to keep hold
but could not make it
it slipped...
slipped out of hands
as does the sand
no complaints... no regrets...
I had much...
much that I could ever treasure
still less than wished for
hope still remains
that someday
I'll live a moment like this again
then the memories will pour like rain...

Thursday, 8 April, 2010

Quote- 3 Signs of Love

To sit and stare and have nothing to say
are three signs of Love if you call it may"

Tuesday, 6 April, 2010

Rain of Appreciation

Hey Guys

Couple of days before I came to know about a contest on one of my fellow blogger's blog. Just a simple question was to be answered about an IPL match. I tried my luck and guess what, I won it (though not by a margin, but still). So here is the REVIEW of my blog.

It always feels special when someone appreciates your efforts and it feels more special when it is the first time. It made my day, actually night (because the day was very hectic at the office). Read the reviews and you may also try your luck for the contests in the future. I'm loving it...

And thanks to my blogger friend adreamygal because of whom I came to know about the contest.

Bye for today.

Saturday, 3 April, 2010

A Letter to Grandpa

Respected Grandpa,

It is 3rd April 2010. You remember, it's your 91st birthday today. I wish you a long life and want your blessings to shower on me and other family members. Today I got the opportunity to talk to you through this letter. I hope you will give it a look.

You told me that the day I was born, you felt the happiest grandpa on earth. I remember when I was a kid, you used to play with me. Whenever mom-dad tried to shout at me you came to rescue, whenever I got sick you were more worried than anyone else, whenever I got late for school because of my sleeping habit you used to pick me up in your arms and take a walk in the street to wake me. Going to your work place to lit the candles on Diwali night, celebrating the festivals traditionally in your guidance, getting the one rupee coin everyday before going to school and a ride on your cycle are some of the priceless gifts that I got from you. You love me more than your own son, that I know. Thanks for all the love.

As a grandson I think I have a right to say what is in my heart. Over the years I have noticed a change in you. A negative one I would say. In the past 9 decades you have learnt a life. But there are certain areas you still need to improve on. Sometimes your short temper and rigid behavior annoys me. I have tried many times to convince you to change your attitude but now I quit. I think I've tried and you have won. But, that's fair. Now I don't say anything to you. I talk less. It doesn't mean that I don't love you and respect you. Sometimes you have to do the things going against your heart. Please forgive me for this. I love you but can't show you.

Now, going back to the past again, there are many memorable incidents happened between us. I can't pick anyone to share at this moment. But if given a chance I want to live my life again and re-live every moment. But certainly not the days when you were hospitalized 7 years back. That was the most tough period for you and the family.

I'm not good at writing letters but I could not find another way out to express my heart out. Words of mouth will not impress you, I know. So, please read it carefully and understand that I need my 'that' grandpa back.

With Love,
Your Grandson.

(P.S. - Today is my grandpa's 91st birthday. This letter is truly meant for him but I know he won't read it. Love you Dadu.)

Thursday, 1 April, 2010


she was fun
always looked happy and smiling
and so was I
but only when she was not around
every time she was there
I used to forget everything
even to smile
just stunned to admire her beauty

she liked to play pranks on me
and I was always her victim
I couldn't beware myself
not even a single time I remember

who was so talkative and full of life
becomes a stone statue before her
how could I...?

just the three words
never came out easy
I wish I could say but
wish is always a wish

one fine day
I don't know what made her sad
she stared at me quietly for some time
then she did something
that I couldn't do ever
she said 'I love you'

and I
I couldn't control my nerves
lost in some dreamy-land
couldn't believe my ears
and couldn't control my tears

but before she could see them
I heard more words
'hey, what happened,
I was just joking,
you're the first fool of april'

I smiled back in response
to hide the pain inside unbearable

she liked to play pranks on me
and I was always her victim
even this time she didn't spare me
even this time I couldn't beware myself

P.S. -- Well... I hope you understood that we should not make fun of others at least this way. But if you want to, then make sure you can afford it :-)
Thanks for reading.

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