Saturday, 25 December, 2010

A Last Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,
Merry X-Mas.

Its Christmas again and you're here again to grant everyone's wish. Ever since I was a child, I always kept waiting for you even months ago the Christmas day. Every year I had a new wish. Some were granted the others were trashed. And now, as I'm no more a child, I still have some wishes unfulfilled.

Before I start on writing my wishlist to you, please understand that there is no hurry in granting my wish. You can take another year if you want to. But you have to make sure that my wish is granted for if you really are what you are.

I always dreamed of a big bungalow like house with the gardens surrounding it from three sides. A big black color car shining as bright as the full moonlit. A roaring bank balance and everything else what is needed to be called successful in this materialistic world. But wait, did I tell you that I want all this even now? When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up soon and get everything what made me fascinated. Only when I was a kid.

But you are safe. You need not to carry all this with you from the other side of this world. I have something else in my wishlist which is not too long. Just a single but a real wish from the bottom of my heart. Please give me my childhood back. All I want for Christmas is this.

Big houses don't fascinate me now. I was happy making and breaking sandcastles again and again. The bicycle I got from my Dad on my birthday was more precious than the big black cars. I was happy with whatever little pocket money I used to get, now you can have my bank balance if you want to. I was happy playing little games with my buddies than the corporate games now I have to play forcefully. At least we were never such desperate to always win. Sometimes losing in front of our buddies made us happy than any other thing.

Going to school was so much fun that I never wanted to miss it and I'm glad that I never did it deliberately. Then my college life. How can I forget it. Now, there isn't a single day so far that I really enjoyed attending my office. Maybe I'm too nostalgic, maybe I'm too emotional. Its really OK if I am.

When people grow up they say that you don't exist. But from my childhood I have a firm belief that you do. So, here is the chance for you to prove your existence. This letter I'm writing to you is my last. Grant my wish or lose your believer. The choice is all yours.

Closing my letter with the hope in my heart.
Merry Christmas.

P.S. - I know the wish above is not realistic but what to do - Dil To Bacha Hai Ji. Merry Christmas to all.

Friday, 17 December, 2010


It was like any other day. She was waiting for me in the same old park where we used to meet every weekend. And like always, she came before the scheduled time. She always knew that I would be late but she never changed her routine.

I reached. And every weekend her beauty was increasing. I don't know why and how. But I think she was growing and glowing too. Mature women look prettier I guess.

"Hi, sorry you had to wait", and then took a little pause and said,"again". I was using my sense of humour at the wrong time.

"No, I'm used to it now", she replied,"and I've started kind of liking it. Waiting for you on this alone bench, thinking of you in the meantime and weaving the dreams of our togetherness".

"Hmm... that sounds interesting", I was being naughty.

"You know what? Why I always come before time?", she asked and her voice seemed heavy.

"No, tell me", I pulled her close to me and started feeling her fragrance while I closed my eyes.

"Because... because I never want to make you wait for me", she said and her eyes went wet.

And I was like numb. She finds love in every little thing. I hugged her and promised to be on time from then on.

Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

Pictorial Words # 2

P.S. - Unknown paths - the photo was clicked on a beautiful evening on a beautiful journey on hills with friends.

Sunday, 28 November, 2010

One Line Letters

We all have written letters at some point or the other. Some of us may still like to exchange it with our dear ones. But this era of technology has changed our communication channels. We rather like to use cell phones and emails than writing letters now. I'm also not the exception. Sure the hand written letters contain the love and feelings which can never be present in electronic means of communication but saving of time is another critical factor. Anyways, I don't mind your ways of communication.

Today I'm here to discuss an interesting thing. One Line Letters. Yes, you read it right. I read them first on one of my friends' Facebook profile. He also blogs here. The letter contains only a single line but it conveys a lot. One of his creations is this -

Dear Fevicol,
Naam bade aur darshan chhote,
Sincerely, Broken Heart.

Interesting, No? Here goes another one of his one line letters -

Dear Lays,
Thanks for bag of air and few chips.
Sincerely, Me.

Sometimes you need not use more than a single line to put your heart out. Me too have got inspiration from this and have started writing one line letters. And if you don't know then let me tell you that I'm a Facebook addict. So my first one line letter goes to Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. It goes like this-

Dear Zuckerberg,
Why you made Facebook?
Sincerely, an addict.

I think its fun. So, use your imagination and write a letter to your friend, spouse, boss, love, barber, favorite personality or anyone for that matter. You can write to me too. But remember, no more than one line. Also please don't forget to thank my friend who gave us such an interesting inspiration.

Tell your views in comments section.

Till next time, signing off.
Sincerely, yours.

Monday, 15 November, 2010

Leaving The Nest

Hmmm... It feels good to be back. It always does. Whether it is a virtual home or real one. You must be thinking why I'm talking like this today. Because today I'm sitting at my home after a long working week in an another city. Another city? Another question, right? Oh sorry, I didn't tell that I'm posted in a different city now and its not possible for me to come back home every evening. So I have set aside Sundays for this purpose. And though I'm accessed to the Internet all the time, I can't write blog more often now. I can only read and I do. I don't comment on your blog but I do read it. Don't worry about that.

Today I'm gonna talk about leaving the nest. Yes, every bird in this world has to leave the comforts of nest one day. Otherwise it can't learn how to fly. Thats very obvious I guess. But humans too have to do the same. At least some of us, like me. Initially it feels really good to live without any kind of interference from the family. But the excitement of freedom doesn't last long. Because we're used to the comforts of our home, our nest. We're used to the caring feathers of our parents. But when we start living alone in a different city where we have to get up by the alarm, arrange our beds on our own, decide the clothes to wear, manage the meals etc. etc. etc. Suddenly the things seem to be tough. But then again, one day we're used to it. Used to everything we do constantly and consistently.

Another thing I've learnt from moving to a new place is loving your own place. Earlier when I used to roam about in my city, I'd find it so messy, full of traffic, unorganized and all. But now as I visit my home town once a week, I find it very calm and lovely. I like to see each and every part of the street where I walk and capture each and every thing in my memory. Love your place, there is nothing like home, not even heaven.

Now here are some things I miss while living at a new place-
- I miss my family of course (because alone you're nothing even if you're a king)
- I miss my friends (because hum hi hum hain to kya hum hain, tum hi tum ho to kya tum ho)
- I miss writing (because I don't find time and inspiration at a new place)
- I miss home food (because I really do)
- I miss my bike (because I don't have it at my new place)
- I miss my jeans (because I have to be formal at my work)
- I miss me, my old me (because I never thought I'll grow up one day and leave everything I love just for the sake of bread and butter)

That is all for now. I miss being here too often.

Sunday, 24 October, 2010

The 100th 'Dream'y post

Well , before I began to open my chatter box , first let me wish you Deepak a lot of wishes and congratulations for completing and reaching this landmark .. Although I am writing your 100th post :P , I , on behalf of every reader would like to express our happiness by offering you a sweet chocolate cake :D ( Akele mat khana , you need to share with us , and that goes without saying .. otherwise we will stop coming to your blog :P heheheheh..Just kidding ! :D )

Now coming on to the field , huh ..what to tell about this guy ?? Well , this is one of the best blogger friend with whom I have hardly had one or two personal interaction and others via our blogs .. (Now this is a perfect example of virtual friendship , hai na ? ) It was One Another Night , as far as I remember that I landed on his blog and commented .. From then on , I was always dragged towards this space by the wonderful , painful , beautiful words that somehow always left me with strokes of imagination from the brushes of his words ..

If my poor memory is right , then from then on I always commented on his post .. Every time , I would finish reading the last line , I would be filled up with emotions , that would be beautifully portrayed in words . And then his shayari blog ... Omg !! Deepak , you really write wonderful shayaris yaar .. They just leave me spellbound , and it makes me wonder that how come a Chartered Accountant , ( yeah a CA!!! ) can play with words , in small numbers and yet bring out so many emotions and at times rigger so many thoughts to the readers .. Indeed , thats not easy right ??

Another thing that I really appreciate and fascinates me about him is his enthusiastic nature .. One can see him experimenting with various genres in writing .. Haikus , 55 fictions , poems , shayaris , stories , microfiction , personal , I can go on and on .. And maybe I will short in words to keep writing , but his spirit and passion to write , is really laudable .. Calling himself amateur , yet at times his writing boasts of thoughts from a matured mind , really makes me wonder that how this shayar can call himself as an 'amateur' ?

Personally , though I don't know much about him , all I know he is really a good hearted person , with elements of softness in his nature . His maturity speaks when you interact with him and his careful selection of words , honesty , simplicity really makes you feel that this is one friend who is trustworthy ..

And the one biggest thing , oh how can I forgot that ? His comments on my blog and the invisble support he gives me ... Well , thank you soooooooo much Deepak , especially for that 'one' comment , which actually still makes my blog going .. It wasn't that I didn't receive any other comment or bloggies who told me not to leave , but reading your comment , I dunno why , made me take a step back on my own decision , which made my plunge into blogging again .. So buddy , every time I post something , somewhere in the corner of my smile , your words still reside there :)

I am really thankful that I met such a wonderful friend in blogosphere .. And Deepak , thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to making an advance booking to write here , weeks back :) I really am still smiling and writing here was really a pleasure .. On behalf of every reader , I congratulate you once again on your 100th step in blog world and I wish I get the opportunity to write the 200th post soon :P:D


That was really a special treat. Thank you for this. Like you, me too have got a really nice friend on the blogosphere, and that is YOU. You may not believe that but I'm an amateur writer. I really am. I have a long way to go before I can really introduce myself as a 'writer'.

And like you said, I was one of the reasons you didn't quit blogging, I always will. You can't leave us in the midway. This beautiful journey of writing is all about walking together, always.

Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful post and taking my blog posts to three digits. And yes, keep yourself ready to write my 200th post. You're booked again in advance.

Thanks for the chocolate cake of course. I would love to share it with all the readers. Lick your fingers, I don't mind.


Friday, 22 October, 2010

The Stubborn Kid

Last night was not ordinary. It wasn't extraordinary either. There happened something that wasn't happened before. I stepped into the shoes of my grandpa and he stepped into mine. Let me mention here that he is too old to realize that he was actually behaving like a little kid. As I said, he is too old, 91 years to be exact. He is more than 3.5 times elder than me. But last night he again turned 3.5 years old kid.

He is not well since some days. And he was so frustrated that he decided not to eat anything and end up his life like that. And let me tell you that he is a real stubborn. Once he has decided to do or not to do something then no one can change his mind easily. He is like Salman Khan of the movie 'Wanted' which says 'ek baar maine jo commitment kar di phir mein apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta'. We had to request him for almost an hour to eat something. But he was he. Then me and dad pulled him by his arm and made him sit on the bed. Everything was OK till now.

What caught my attention the most was that he was too weak to hold the spoon and eat. I mean he was never like that. He was more fit than other family members even in his 80s. I fed him. He was eating like a kid. Eating less and falling more. I was thinking how it all happened. There were days when he used to feed us like this and today it was all in reverse order. Me turning his grandpa and he turning a kid again.

After he was done with his meal, he said something which caught my attention even harder. He said 'tum jeet gaye'. And in his words I felt that though I have done something good for him but he was feeling like a lost warrior.

I don't scare of death but I scare of getting old.

Thursday, 21 October, 2010

I Fear

"Hey, look down, it is so scary", one of my friends shouted.

"Harry, come forward. See the cars and the people look like shrunk", Oliver said without looking back at me.

"No, I'm scared of the height", I replied looking at the other side. A beautiful Dove was teaching her baby Dove how to fly. I wished some day I could fly without fear.

P.S. - The story may be fictional but I actually fear of the height and this is one of the things I want to conquer.

Wednesday, 20 October, 2010

Pictorial Words # 1

P.S. - This time, like words, the picture used in this post is all mine. Clicked it some time back on a late summer night.

Also prompted at: Three Word Wednesday

Sunday, 17 October, 2010


"Pay the rent or leave this space", his landlord ordered him, "I'm going to my native place to donate some silver statues for the temple. Make your mind before I return."

"OK", he couldn't speak more. Perhaps statues are more precious than living beings, he thought, or maybe God is nothing more than a statue.

P.S. - Well, I tried to speak from the heart of a poor tenant in this 55 fiction but I personally believe and have immense faith in God. He knows what we deserve and He knows how and when we'll get it. He has His own ways. Have Faith.

Sunday, 10 October, 2010


Each night a new player
Tired of living a blemish life
Lonely prostitute seeks escape

Sunday, 3 October, 2010


In your eyes deep down
I look for nothing but love
My life rejoices

Wednesday, 15 September, 2010


Everyone has nightmares. Some are forgotten, some are lifelong. I also have them quite often. Most of them I forget the very next day. But there is one I couldn't forget till now though it happened a long time ago when I was a kid. The very thought of those small yet horrible incidents haunt me even today.

"Hey, come on, lets play inside", he invited me to his home like any other day. I couldn't read his intentions at that time.

"Will you get me chocolates?", I innocently asked and declared,"Only then I'll come to play with you". I thought it was a genuine demand of a 7 years kid.

"Yes I do have. Come on, get in", he played his trick.

We used to play for hours together. At some times he was very caring while at times he behaved rude. I couldn't understand his volatile moods.

"Come here, sit on my lap", he would ask me and I'd do as directed.

I thought he loved me. At that time I couldn't distinguish between loving and love making. I thought I was playing with him. But it was him who was playing with me, my body. Though sometimes it felt something was going wrong but I couldn't offend. I could only wait till he was finished. I couldn't understand anything and used to keep a demure smile. I was more interested in the chocolates.


"Well, that's a case of pedophilia", my Psychiatrist told me when I finished describing my nightmare to her.

"Pedophilia?", I asked to clarify the term which was alien to me.

"Its the activity of having sexually involved with the children", she clarified.

I was shocked to know the fact that someone sexually harassed me in my childhood. "But how to overcome this nightmare now?", I asked angrily.

"Cool down, there is nothing to worry about now. It was just a phase of time that has passed a long time ago. All you need to do is that never think about those incidents. The more you'll think about it the more it will haunt you", she showed a genuine care and attention.

I walked back to the home and wished I never loved chocolates. I somehow get to know to overcome my nightmare.

P.S. - It is just a piece of fiction but a bitter reality in our society in which innocent children are sexually harassed by their neighbors, relatives or even their own family members. The child doesn't understand at first but never forgets when he does after some time. The nightmare follows to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Sunday, 12 September, 2010

Treat To My Followers

Here is a special treat to all my followers. Since I've started blogging, I've made very good friends here. Here are some friendship awards I've got from Bikram and now offering to all of you. So, if you're one of my followers, grab them all and take them as 'Thank You' notes. I'm really thankful to all of you for sharing beautiful relation of friendship with me.

I really wish our friendship go a long way, no matter we ever meet or not...

...If not, we never call each other stranger for we've known for so long now and will continue...

...and if we do, we meet like we've known each other since ages...

...In any case, we'll be friends forever and ever and ever, till the last breath, till the last beat, till the last moment, no matter we never meet.

And the below ones are from adreamygal. Thank you dreamy. These are also for all of you.

You're as sweet as honey...

...If only you're around, I don't need many...

...and I'm always there, whenever you need any.

Thursday, 9 September, 2010

The Innocence

"Can it change my luck?", she asked curiously pointing to one of the toys I was selling in the robust feast.

"Who told you this princess?", I asked.

"My Mom says, to change your luck you need to have a lucky charm", she replied with all her innocence,"so I'm finding one".

I smiled and gave it to her. She walked away smilingly. I knew it won't change anything, but then there are certain things which are priceless, like her little eyes carrying dreams of having living a life she deserves.

Sometimes the innocence wins everything.

Tuesday, 7 September, 2010

A Letter to Me - On My Birthday

Whole day long I was in office. Sitting in same old cabin, surrounded by same old files and papers scattered everywhere, dealing with same old clients and doing the same old work I never thought of doing someday. But I think every Chartered Accountant has a life like this. I came home frustrated like any other day. Opened the door of my apartment and suddenly saw a letter lying on the floor in a beautiful blue envelop. It was a surprise to get a letter after really a long time, almost a life. I quickly opened it up and started reading for I had no clue who will write me a letter and why?

Dear Deepak,
Happy Birthday.

You must be surprised to see my letter. You must have forgotten me by now. So I thought of reminding you that I exist, still. You are turned 25 today. But let me tell you one thing, with all the years changed with your age, you too have changed a lot. You are not that Deepak that I know since last 25 years.

Remember, you used to be very fun loving and full of life. Hope was the word that I used to describe you then. Everyone wanted to be in your company. You were the encouragement everyone needed. Whenever someone was feeling low, you were the one showing the hope. You never did any extraordinary stuff but still you were not what they call ordinary. People look upon me to find some hope when they don't get anywhere else. But you never felt like seeking my opinion in any matter. Even I knew you can handle anything that comes your way. Since all the past years, I have been watching you very closely. You never needed me and perhaps you don't know that I do exist, and that too very close. Today, I felt that you need me. So I am here.

As I told that I feel you have changed now. What happened? Are you not satisfied with the kind of life you are living? You have got everything what a normal human being needs to lead a healthy life. But you don't seem like leading the one. You probably don't know the reason. But I know. There is not one but many. First, you don't live your present. You always try to relive the past again and again. Past was beautiful, I know. But it has gone, accept it. Also you are more concerned about the future which doesn't exist at all. The moment which is in your hands right now is all you can count on. Live it fully so that you can make a better future and cherish a beautiful past when it is gone.

Second, you always fear. I would not say that you are coward but you fear a lot. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear in every sphere of life. Remember, fear is the most dangerous illusion known to mankind. Fear, like future, has no legs to stand on. All men and women of this beautiful world are creative in some way or the other. But they create nothing more than the fear which kills all the creativeness, Alas! Why to fear? Whom to fear from? If you fear of the things not got, they won't be going with you to the grave. If you fear of not getting accepted, its not your loss, its theirs who reject you. There is only one option you can choose from - fear or live. Both can't go hand in hand. If you choose fear then you will not live, you will only breathe. Choice is always yours, mind you.

You lose hope very now and then. I wonder you are the same kid that I had known for entire life. Whenever you lose hope and can't find anyone to look upon, turn to the nature. It is a great energy booster. Have a walk on the unknown path, get yourself lost in the woods, get drenched in the rain, see the birds chirping and playing together, breathe the air at the mountains. There are many more things you can do to charge yourself. Hope is the only candle with which the life can be enlightened. Keep it lit always.

But when nothing helps, look inside, I am always there to help you discover your true self.

With Love,
Your Heart.

As I read the signature at the end of letter, I was numb. Suddenly my eyes were opened up and my body was shaking. I wasn't holding any paper in my hands. It was about to dawn and chirping of birds ensured that it was going to be a beautiful morning. I realized it was a dream, an eye opener though.

But I was feeling more lively and hopeful than before. I got out of the bed and went to the balcony. The morning was never that exciting. I wished myself 'Happy Birthday' and prepared to start a new way of living. The hope I lost was hiding itself deep in my own heart.

P.S. - Today your friend has turned 25. It is quite a life I guess. This is my first birthday on the Blogsville. Hoping to celebrate many more to come with you. The letter above is fictional and the situations too. But I think it can relate to many of us. If it relates to you as well, please share.

Saturday, 4 September, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 14; the fourteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

What would you return for?

Roses will still be the red,
rains will always be wet.
move on in life instead,
I don't mind what I get.

What would you return for?

Love will always be in air,
no matter I'm not there.
Birds will sing as they do,
Listen or not, up to you.

What would you return for?

Night will be dark like now,
stars will twinkle somehow.
Moon may seem more bright,
but don't worry, it's alright.

What would you return for?

If I mattered you wouldn't have left,
I wish your heart I wouldn't have theft.
But love doesn't knock the door,
now I realize, never did I before.

What would you return for?

Nothing will change for you dear,
to you, it doesn't matter far or near.
Everything will be as same as before,
Then, what would you return for?

What would you return for?

But one wish I still want to fulfill,
though you're moving in life uphill,
That someday you turn back and see,
I'm not where you wanted me to be.

I've moved on as well, for sure,
Now, what would you return for?

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Thursday, 2 September, 2010

Tagged - Yet Another Time

My Blogger friend Zave, who blogs at here and here, have tagged me where I've to disclose 3 things in each of the sections mentioned in the tag. So, here goes my take on it.

3 places I would pack my travel bag for:
- Whole of India (I really want to see my land)
- Whole of the world (I've heard that it is worth seeing)
- Little bit of space walk too

3 on screen characters I love to watch:
- Aamir Khan in the movie '3 Idiots'
- Jerry in 'Tom & Jerry'
- Jack in the movie 'Titanic'

3 moods that describe me the best:
- Talkative (when I'm with friends)
- Quiet (when I'm low)
- Serious Boy (otherwise)

3 things I always think of doing on a weekend but never did:
- Studying (except for exams)
- Waking up early
- Not to sit before my computer

3 things from my childhood that I can't forget:
- Playing the marbles with other kids of the street
- Going to school (I loved it)
- Enjoying the life as it came

3 things I would never say no to:
- Going out with my friends
- Writing
- Believing in God

3 things I can't live without:
- Money (its not everything but its needed at every step)
- Hope
- Dreams

Now I'm to tag my friends, so here I go. I tag -
- Leo

Rules for the tag are:
- Tag as many friends as you want to
- Link their pages in your tag post
- Leave a comment that they are tagged
- Mention the friend who tagged you and link his/her blog

P.S. - The event I was talking about in my earlier posts has been postponed for some days. So now I can celebrate my birthday with no tensions on my mind or at least less tensions.

Friday, 27 August, 2010

Fingers Crossed

It's been a long time since I've posted on my Blog. And if you're thinking that I'm back, sorry but I'm not yet. Today I'm not here to post any poem or story or haiku or something like that. Since many days, I'm not feeling like living the way I should. I need to pour it out to somebody but I think everyone is busy in his/her own life so I shouldn't disturb them. The only place I can be 'truly myself' is this little space of mine - My Blog. So, whether you're interesting in my life or not, here I'm speaking my heart out. Please bear with me.

Well, first I'd disclose today that why I'm not able to Blog these days - I'm tensed. Yes, I really am. In the first week of September there is something in line which can change my life and I want it to happen, otherwise I don't think I can go like this. The day is - 6th of September 2010 - just one day before I'll turn 25 i.e., 7th of September 2010. Now it is all up to my destiny whether it would be 'the best' or 'the worst' birthday of my life so far. Lets see what my birthday brings for me this time.

Sorry I can't tell what exactly is going to happen in some days. But whatever it is, it means a lot for me and my family (if you're thinking about my marriage then you would most certainly be disappointed). I think I should keep it under veil until the event actually happens. So, please wait for some more days.

I'm also not able to visit my fellow Bloggers' Blogs. I beg your pardon for this. I'm hoping to share some good news with you all (if it goes well). I'm keeping my fingers crossed though I always wonder how a crossed pair of fingers can bring you good luck. If anyone knows the secret or logic for that matter, please share with me.

Till then, keep Blogging.

Signing off for some more days.

Missing writing.

Friday, 13 August, 2010



"You're joking, ain't you?", she asked in serious tone.

"No, I'm certainly not", I was firm.

"I never knew my love had no leverage", she walked away with wet eyes.

Looking at my diagnostic reports, I thought it was the only remedy not to accept her love proposal. Perhaps, some lives just end without love.


P.S. - Another 55 Fiction finished coincidently in exactly 55 words. I'm falling in love with 55 Fictions now.

P.P.S. - Though I informed in one of my earlier posts that I'll be absent from blogging for some days but somewhere inside I can't resist myself from writing. I may not be regular but I'll certainly not mark the absent from my space. And next some days are going to be very crucial for me. I need your love and support. Please wish me luck.

Sunday, 8 August, 2010


"This field isn't for you"
Suggestions come from everywhere
Stealthily I pen down


Saturday, 7 August, 2010


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"I want to be a writer, not a doctor. I love the words and can't marry a stethoscope", his son put his intention.

"My decision is final. Better not discuss it again", he was rigid and rude.

When he came back from his thoughts, he realized he was still holding his son's final Goodbye note.


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P.S. - Many a times it happens that the child has to follow not his dream but his parents'. Just want to convey a message through 55 Fiction. Again finished in exactly 55 words.

Wednesday, 4 August, 2010

The Waves

"Why I'm here? Am I a failure? Does anyone really need me?"

I was mentally surrounded by these questions and physically surrounded by sea, sun and sand. Sitting alone at this place away from home was not an occasion to admire the beauty of nature. I was completely lost in my thoughts or rather in my negative thoughts. Nothing in this world was seeming interesting.

"OK, I'm a failure, but it happens with most of the people. I can make a come back." My heart was consoling my mind this way. But it wasn't my heart's day. Mind was overpowering it. Past was already ruined, present was screwed up and future was looking unpredictable as usual.

There was an earthworm trying hard to make it to the soil but each time it's efforts were nullified by the strong waves.

"You are good for nothing." Again a voice from mind broke me down. "You don't deserve this life." I was constantly forced to take the extreme steps.

"Don't worry, you'll win over this situation. It is only a phase and will be over soon." I was again consoled by my heart.

The earthworm again came to the wet soil but the waves were still stronger than it's grip. It was pulled back again.

No hope was coming my way, not even a feeble one. I was trying hard not to cry but I had to drink the salty water that day.

Then suddenly I don't know how it happened but I was feeling more confident, more positive, more enthusiastic. May be because my mind was losing it's confidence against heart or may be because my heart wasn't that weak as it thought it was. Or perhaps the earthworm has won the battle against the waves and was crawling on the wet soil with it's head held high. Suddenly a story of a king and a spider was recalled in my mind. How the king got inspired from a little spider which was trying to climb to the web but failed six times. Then on the seventh attempt, it got there where it was supposed to be.

The waves seemed positive, inner and outer. Then I got up and walked through the wet sand. I had got my inspiration. It was quite obvious that I was leaving my footprints behind. But I didn't look back and kept walking. May be because from now on, I was prepared only to see the future and forget the past. May be, just may be.

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P.S. - My schedule is keeping me busy now a days. No wonder if I remain absent from blogging for a month or so. I'll try my best to post at least once a week and also read my fellow bloggers. And if I don't, please do understand and keep showing your love. Thank you bloggies.

Sunday, 1 August, 2010


Moments drag breaths
Metamorphosis awaited
Before it does last

P.S. - This time I didn't care about the syllables. It is not a crime in the poetic world I guess.


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