Saturday, 26 February, 2011

Pictorial Words # 3

P.S. - Pictorial Words is a series where I post a picture taken by me after engraving some words on it. Hope you like both - the picture and the words. After all, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. For other posts of the series please click here.

Thursday, 24 February, 2011

A Comfortable Friend

"There was a time when we didn't even know each other, not even each other's name. And today we're so comfortable with each other that I just changed my underwear while you were facing the other side and you didn't even realize that", these were my friend's words a few days ago in our PG room.

I was shocked and surprised at the same time. I was laughing and abusing him that why he didn't ask me to leave the room so that he could change. And then next moment I realized that he was right. We were so comfortable just because we were friends. Friendship is such a wonderful thing that it makes two completely strange individuals completely known to each other. Friends know more about ourselves than our own family or even more than we know about us.

As I'm in a different city now, leaving him alone in that strange city, I'm actually missing those days. We were like a big support to each other in that alien city. Away from our homes, our families and everything, we were like much needed companions to each other.

Talking about friendship I can only say that those are lucky who have got a good friendship. Friends even less in number, if true, are the most precious gift of God. Like they say, we can't choose our family but we can surely choose our friends. But I somewhat differ on that aspect. You get good friends, like good family, if you're destined to.

And the best and surprising part is, you don't remember the time when your strangeness was transformed to friendship. You just can't recollect that moment.

P.S. - Please don't change your undergarments if your friend is in same room. It may unveil your hidden secrets because your friend may not always be looking at the other side. Or you may also lose your balance in a hurry :-)

Monday, 21 February, 2011


A lifelong trauma
for some; for others
Just a six letter word

Wednesday, 16 February, 2011

The Break Up

Suhani was very tensed as she couldn't contact her boyfriend since last many days. Suddenly she received an email from him saying that he was breaking up.

"What would you do now?", her friend Kusum asked her who was sitting beside.

"Nothing", Suhani replied,"I'll update my relationship status on Facebook to single".

P.S. - Just so simple, isn't it? But not for all. The Facebook fever is catching on everyone on the planet. Anyways, happy reading.

Sunday, 13 February, 2011

Forceful Love

Your forceful love
Has left an impression
Carrying but with no choice

Sunday, 6 February, 2011

Last Few Days

What will one do if he comes to know that he is left with only a few days of life in this beautiful world? How a girl would feel when her marriage is fixed and she knows that she is in her parents' home for a few days only? A student who is going to pass from disciplined life of school and entering the college life of full freedom?

Since some days I have been juggling with the thoughts of 'last few days'. A person who is going to die would surely try to enjoy fully the handful of moments he is left with. He won't bother about things like earning money or buying a new car or expanding his business. All he will do is find the happiness in those little things which once didn't interest him. He will become more concious about the things which he never noticed before. His senses will work more efficiently than ever before. He will more conciously notice the streets he is walking on, will listen to the birds chirping around him, will smell the roses with closed eyes, will dance as if no one is watching. He will try to spend as much time with his loved ones as he can. Why suddenly? Because he knows he won't take anything with him from this planet. We all know that. Ultimately whatever we have earned or gained will remain here in this world and our own body can't accompany us to the heaven (or hell, whatever!).

But why suddenly I'm talking about this topic today? Because me too experiencing my 'last few day'. No, no. Not on this earth but at the place I'm currently working. And suddenly and surprisingly I'm enjoying this new city which I'll be leaving in a few days. Now every Monday morning when I wake up to travel 240 kms, I don't curse myself. I now enjoy the journey, the last few ones.

So, is there any lesson we can learn from knowing our 'last few days'. If we take every day as our last, can we actually enjoy the living or will it make our life more tensed? Like a coin has two sides, this also has two consequences. Now it is upto you how you take it. I'm leaving this open. Share your views. Last few days - will you enjoy or curse?

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