Tuesday, 13 May, 2014

A Heart With A Patch

So what it's broken and scattered,
in love it doesn't really matter.
For love is always in demand,
I'll not store it and preserve,
I'll stitch my heart and offer it
to someone else who deserves.
Let me see who tries for the catch,
a heart full of love despite a patch.

Sunday, 4 May, 2014

The Meeting Point

It's so good for two people to be like two parallel lines. Both will move to the same direction keeping the exact and perfect distance. It's like two people living a life their own way yet complimentary to each other. One's life is independent yet incomplete without the other. Maintaining the perfect amount of space and distance between the relation - not so far, no so close. But then there is a negative point - they don't meet each other. Never ever. This makes their relation incomplete though unending.

And then there are two intersecting lines. They move to their own directions at their own pace. They do not compliment each other. They are free - like wind blowing at its own will. But they meet for at least once. And that point, that intersecting point, is their mark of perfection. At this very point they are in complete harmony and in complete surrender. They lose themselves in each other. At that point, their identity is merged and there remains no one or the other.

This intersection, this meeting point doesn't last for long. But in that one moment they are in perfection. And then they move again to their predefined directions at their predefined pace - never to meet each other again.

I see both of us like those two intersecting lines. And I'm glad that for at least one moment we were in perfection.

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