Monday, 15 November, 2010

Leaving The Nest

Hmmm... It feels good to be back. It always does. Whether it is a virtual home or real one. You must be thinking why I'm talking like this today. Because today I'm sitting at my home after a long working week in an another city. Another city? Another question, right? Oh sorry, I didn't tell that I'm posted in a different city now and its not possible for me to come back home every evening. So I have set aside Sundays for this purpose. And though I'm accessed to the Internet all the time, I can't write blog more often now. I can only read and I do. I don't comment on your blog but I do read it. Don't worry about that.

Today I'm gonna talk about leaving the nest. Yes, every bird in this world has to leave the comforts of nest one day. Otherwise it can't learn how to fly. Thats very obvious I guess. But humans too have to do the same. At least some of us, like me. Initially it feels really good to live without any kind of interference from the family. But the excitement of freedom doesn't last long. Because we're used to the comforts of our home, our nest. We're used to the caring feathers of our parents. But when we start living alone in a different city where we have to get up by the alarm, arrange our beds on our own, decide the clothes to wear, manage the meals etc. etc. etc. Suddenly the things seem to be tough. But then again, one day we're used to it. Used to everything we do constantly and consistently.

Another thing I've learnt from moving to a new place is loving your own place. Earlier when I used to roam about in my city, I'd find it so messy, full of traffic, unorganized and all. But now as I visit my home town once a week, I find it very calm and lovely. I like to see each and every part of the street where I walk and capture each and every thing in my memory. Love your place, there is nothing like home, not even heaven.

Now here are some things I miss while living at a new place-
- I miss my family of course (because alone you're nothing even if you're a king)
- I miss my friends (because hum hi hum hain to kya hum hain, tum hi tum ho to kya tum ho)
- I miss writing (because I don't find time and inspiration at a new place)
- I miss home food (because I really do)
- I miss my bike (because I don't have it at my new place)
- I miss my jeans (because I have to be formal at my work)
- I miss me, my old me (because I never thought I'll grow up one day and leave everything I love just for the sake of bread and butter)

That is all for now. I miss being here too often.

4 After Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm .. of course , its tuff to move and stay alone and yet say independent . But that will tuffen you more and probably this is just to make your life better and another facet that will make you appreciate of your blessings ! :) Hope you have a good time :)

Zave said...

Well, a new place always sucks at first I guess.
And everything has its own positives and negatives.
You are away from home, but you've grown up, that is something I guess.
I was getting jitters reading your post, 'cause in six months' time I'll be in your place too.

vishal kapoor said...

Lif has changed very quickly..we dont hav any option ...:-(

Deepak said...

@ aarti: thanks a lot, I'm trying to accept it as soon as possible.

@ zave: being grown up has nothing to do with living alone. it really sucks.

@ vishal: hmm.. may be.

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