Sunday, 7 April, 2013

Move On

From balcony, my squint eyes followed her until she turned into a tiny dot and finally disappeared. She was gone.

"Don't lick my mind", I didn't say anything more than that. Perhaps that's how an argument starts. Perhaps that's how a relation ends.

That night, I witnessed Manchester United's win over Arsenal. What a match!

P.S. - Jokes apart, breakups are sometimes very hurtful.

P.P.S. - Attempted 55 fiction after a long time. Coincidentally, this time too it has ended in exactly 55 words like my other 55 fictions. For other posts of the series, click here.

2 After Thoughts:

Namrata said...

Break ups?? I can write a whole book on it with my experience..those 9 months were really cruel!

Deepak said...

Namrata: At last you have to move on. Sooner the better :)

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