Friday, 21 February, 2014

A Poetic Tale

Bathing in the moonlit,
On an otherwise dark night,
Over the grass,
Under the stars,
He held her tight,
Surrendering herself,
In his protective arms,
She imagined their future,
Together as bright.
But wait!
A sudden thunder,
Woke them up,
From their fairy dream,
He made her feel his presence,
Before she could scream.
"What if it doesn't work?",
she whispered,"What if fate hurts?"
He didn't move, he didn't slip,
Around her, he tightened his grip.
And uttered,"We are already one.
What more is left to be done?
Everything will be alright,
Just wait for the morning sun."
For a moment, forgetting their pain,
They got lost in dreams yet again.
A story so innocent they write,
On an otherwise dark night,
Bathing in the moonlit.

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