Saturday, 1 March, 2014

Tiny Tales - I

She said Amen! a numerous times.

Not a single one worked. Her prayers weren't strong.


He,"I always keep surprising you. But you never do."

She,"Someday I'll give you a big surprise."

And she did. She left, to never come back.


He asked,"In storms or in sunshine, will you be my valentine?"

And the answer was yes.

Then rang the alarm and he realized he was dreaming.


He,"Just want to say,
in simple old way,
in no time we became
one from two,
don't mind if I say,
I love you."

She,"I love you too."

She forgot to mention - conditions apply.


He,"I guess I don't deserve you."

She,"Don't say that. My soul knows only you deserve me."

She lied to him. Her soul lied to her.


She once told him that he was a gem.

Little did he know that he was just a stone for her.
A pebble under her feet.


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