Tuesday, 7 September, 2010

A Letter to Me - On My Birthday

Whole day long I was in office. Sitting in same old cabin, surrounded by same old files and papers scattered everywhere, dealing with same old clients and doing the same old work I never thought of doing someday. But I think every Chartered Accountant has a life like this. I came home frustrated like any other day. Opened the door of my apartment and suddenly saw a letter lying on the floor in a beautiful blue envelop. It was a surprise to get a letter after really a long time, almost a life. I quickly opened it up and started reading for I had no clue who will write me a letter and why?

Dear Deepak,
Happy Birthday.

You must be surprised to see my letter. You must have forgotten me by now. So I thought of reminding you that I exist, still. You are turned 25 today. But let me tell you one thing, with all the years changed with your age, you too have changed a lot. You are not that Deepak that I know since last 25 years.

Remember, you used to be very fun loving and full of life. Hope was the word that I used to describe you then. Everyone wanted to be in your company. You were the encouragement everyone needed. Whenever someone was feeling low, you were the one showing the hope. You never did any extraordinary stuff but still you were not what they call ordinary. People look upon me to find some hope when they don't get anywhere else. But you never felt like seeking my opinion in any matter. Even I knew you can handle anything that comes your way. Since all the past years, I have been watching you very closely. You never needed me and perhaps you don't know that I do exist, and that too very close. Today, I felt that you need me. So I am here.

As I told that I feel you have changed now. What happened? Are you not satisfied with the kind of life you are living? You have got everything what a normal human being needs to lead a healthy life. But you don't seem like leading the one. You probably don't know the reason. But I know. There is not one but many. First, you don't live your present. You always try to relive the past again and again. Past was beautiful, I know. But it has gone, accept it. Also you are more concerned about the future which doesn't exist at all. The moment which is in your hands right now is all you can count on. Live it fully so that you can make a better future and cherish a beautiful past when it is gone.

Second, you always fear. I would not say that you are coward but you fear a lot. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear in every sphere of life. Remember, fear is the most dangerous illusion known to mankind. Fear, like future, has no legs to stand on. All men and women of this beautiful world are creative in some way or the other. But they create nothing more than the fear which kills all the creativeness, Alas! Why to fear? Whom to fear from? If you fear of the things not got, they won't be going with you to the grave. If you fear of not getting accepted, its not your loss, its theirs who reject you. There is only one option you can choose from - fear or live. Both can't go hand in hand. If you choose fear then you will not live, you will only breathe. Choice is always yours, mind you.

You lose hope very now and then. I wonder you are the same kid that I had known for entire life. Whenever you lose hope and can't find anyone to look upon, turn to the nature. It is a great energy booster. Have a walk on the unknown path, get yourself lost in the woods, get drenched in the rain, see the birds chirping and playing together, breathe the air at the mountains. There are many more things you can do to charge yourself. Hope is the only candle with which the life can be enlightened. Keep it lit always.

But when nothing helps, look inside, I am always there to help you discover your true self.

With Love,
Your Heart.

As I read the signature at the end of letter, I was numb. Suddenly my eyes were opened up and my body was shaking. I wasn't holding any paper in my hands. It was about to dawn and chirping of birds ensured that it was going to be a beautiful morning. I realized it was a dream, an eye opener though.

But I was feeling more lively and hopeful than before. I got out of the bed and went to the balcony. The morning was never that exciting. I wished myself 'Happy Birthday' and prepared to start a new way of living. The hope I lost was hiding itself deep in my own heart.

P.S. - Today your friend has turned 25. It is quite a life I guess. This is my first birthday on the Blogsville. Hoping to celebrate many more to come with you. The letter above is fictional and the situations too. But I think it can relate to many of us. If it relates to you as well, please share.

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Anonymous said...

Happy B'dayyyyy :):)Yay , first to wish here huh ? ;):D Well , From the way the letter was written , anybody close to you , would have guessed so much about you :)Thats Deepak :)And yeah , many of us would relate to most parts of the letter , for we all through this sometime or the other ..

Well , well , so hows your special day going ..Don;t forget to share it here , becoz you are celebrating your first bday here !!:):)Wish you the bestest of best wish buddy , enjoy , have a blast :)Once again Happy Birthday :)

Zave said...

First, many many happy returns for the day. Wish you a very happy birthday. May you get what you desire most.
Second, I loved the letter. As realistic as it can be for anyone for that matter. After all we are generally on the same boat, isn't it?

Deepak said...

@ adreamygal: u always come first :) and nothing special going on dear. It wasn't the best birthday I celebrated. It was like any other day. and thanks for the wonderful wishes :)

@ zave: I think we are on different boats sailing on same waters. But yes, we go through same situations some time or the other. And thanks mate for your wishes :)

Me-Era* said...

Hey, belated wishes!! :)

Deepak said...

@ meera: thank u :)

inquisitive-life said...

Belated Happy Birthday and have a great year ahead.

I really loved this post... We are so used to of such fears that we hardly find the way to get rid of them. Sometimes walking on the unknown lanes is really benefitical.

God Bless

Deepak said...

@ inquisitive: thank u my friend :) and yes, fear takes on all of us at some point of time, and me too not an exception

Sakhi Shah said...

At one time I used to do this a lot...send a letter to myself...or a birthday card...


Your post has made me want to send one to myself that I will get after 10 years.

Deepak said...

@ sakhi: actually I never did it, but it was fun writing a letter to myself :) thanks for dropping by

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