Saturday, 25 December, 2010

A Last Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,
Merry X-Mas.

Its Christmas again and you're here again to grant everyone's wish. Ever since I was a child, I always kept waiting for you even months ago the Christmas day. Every year I had a new wish. Some were granted the others were trashed. And now, as I'm no more a child, I still have some wishes unfulfilled.

Before I start on writing my wishlist to you, please understand that there is no hurry in granting my wish. You can take another year if you want to. But you have to make sure that my wish is granted for if you really are what you are.

I always dreamed of a big bungalow like house with the gardens surrounding it from three sides. A big black color car shining as bright as the full moonlit. A roaring bank balance and everything else what is needed to be called successful in this materialistic world. But wait, did I tell you that I want all this even now? When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up soon and get everything what made me fascinated. Only when I was a kid.

But you are safe. You need not to carry all this with you from the other side of this world. I have something else in my wishlist which is not too long. Just a single but a real wish from the bottom of my heart. Please give me my childhood back. All I want for Christmas is this.

Big houses don't fascinate me now. I was happy making and breaking sandcastles again and again. The bicycle I got from my Dad on my birthday was more precious than the big black cars. I was happy with whatever little pocket money I used to get, now you can have my bank balance if you want to. I was happy playing little games with my buddies than the corporate games now I have to play forcefully. At least we were never such desperate to always win. Sometimes losing in front of our buddies made us happy than any other thing.

Going to school was so much fun that I never wanted to miss it and I'm glad that I never did it deliberately. Then my college life. How can I forget it. Now, there isn't a single day so far that I really enjoyed attending my office. Maybe I'm too nostalgic, maybe I'm too emotional. Its really OK if I am.

When people grow up they say that you don't exist. But from my childhood I have a firm belief that you do. So, here is the chance for you to prove your existence. This letter I'm writing to you is my last. Grant my wish or lose your believer. The choice is all yours.

Closing my letter with the hope in my heart.
Merry Christmas.

P.S. - I know the wish above is not realistic but what to do - Dil To Bacha Hai Ji. Merry Christmas to all.

4 After Thoughts:

Someone Is Special said...

I love the feeling in this.. May your wish be granted.. Wish you a Merry Christmas

--Someone is Special--

vishal kapoor said...

i m Speechless.

are yaar we are still in our childhood..Remember the Wording of Kapil Sir.."Yaar tusi vadde kado hona hai"..

Anyways..Excellent Post

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

And I would write the same letter giving him the last chance every year.
Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Deepak said...

@ someone: thanks my friend, same to u :)

@ vishal: yes I do remember dude :)

@ blasphemous: yeah true, even I'm thinking to change my mind next year and send another letter :)

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