Monday, 31 January, 2011


Surrounded by the darkness
I burn my heart
To visualize the pain

P.S. - This is not a perfect Haiku having 5-7-5 set of syllables but it just came to my mind and I didn't prefer to tamper with it's originality.

3 After Thoughts:

Raajii said...

This may not be perfect according to the rules but I know what you mean. I have done that so many, many times.

Leo said...

Deepak, a haiku is 17 syllables in total :) 5-7-5 is just a traditional form.. love what u've written..

Deepak said...

@ raajii: I wish no one does that ever. thanks for dropping by.

@ leo: yes brother I know but I don't like to break the traditions anyway :) glad that u dropped in after a long time :)

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