Tuesday, 8 March, 2011


Euthanasia. Not a familiar word, right? Let me make it simple for you. You must have heard about 'mercy killing'. A person asking to kill him/her because he/she is suffering from some incurable disease or a permanent physical disability - is known as mercy killing.

Since some last few days, media is covering such a real life case of mercy killing. The lady in news is Aruna Shanbhag - a former nurse in King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. She was sexually assaulted by a fourth class worker in the same hospital nearly 38 years ago. Since then she is living a life which can't be described as life in any sense. How can you call it a life when someone hasn't moved from her bed since last 38 years? Aruna filed a plea for mercy killing through a journalist friend which was put down by the court.

Now the point I want to discuss today is - mercy killing - should it be made legal or not? In most of the countries it is not legal. In some countries like Netherlands and Belgium it has been legalized. The reason behind mercy killing not being legalized in most of the counties maybe that it might be misused by the petitioner or his/her family member. Or it may also be that it seems to be inhuman. The reasons are many. It maybe right, isn't it? Or wrong? Because no one can imagine or feel the situation/pain of someone no matter how close he/she is to that person. No one wants to die. Not me, not you, not any one. Then why someone requests for mercy killing? The reason is simple - death seems to provide peace in that situation.

Getting birth is not in our own hands. The creator is the supreme power. And as they say, if you can't create something you don't have the authority to destroy it either. So maybe thats why most of the countries have not accepted the mercy killing. But I wonder how a person feels when he demands mercy killing. What makes him take this final decision. I don't understand and I know I can't. No one can understand other's pain.

We are taught from the very beginning that we should show mercy to the one who needs, and when one really needs it- we put down the request - leaving him/her dying every passing moment instead of letting him/her die once and for all.

P.S. - The motive is not to hurt anyone. Please put your own thoughts in the comments section. Happy Women's Day to all the women.

4 After Thoughts:

Raajii said...

I believe there is no right or wrong answer. It has to be taken with each circumstance and situation and determine what works in that particular circumstance.

megharana said...

a life taken away completely will surely be better than a lifeless life!!

Deepak said...

@ raajii: right but more or less the situation is same in each case. Anyways, point taken.

@ megharana: yes, in a way.

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