Monday, 7 March, 2011

Monday Morning

Today is Monday. I know you all know that. But Monday mornings are hated by most of us. And I'm no exception. But have you ever thought that why we hate Monday mornings? Is it because we aren't prepared to go to work/study after an enjoyable and restful Sunday? Or is there any other reason?

Well, as far as I observed this problem, those who hate Monday mornings don't like their work or study. For if they do, they would never complain why there is Monday on the calendar again. I'm not here to motivate those who are affected by this syndrome because as I said earlier, I'm also affected by it. It has been a few years now since I have been caught by the virus of Monday morning. It wouldn't be wrong if I call myself the Tom Sawyer of my family.

But I wasn't like that a few years ago. Actually I loved Monday mornings till I was a student. In my student life, I never complained about it. Whether it was school or college or my CA course. I enjoyed every bit of that phase. Maybe because I knew from the very beginning that the best part of ones life is his/her student days. Of course we have tensions and stress of studies but it is far better than stress of other situations of life. But then again it depends on person to person. If I enjoyed my student days that doesn't guarantee my children will do the same.

It doesn't mean that I don't love my work. I do, but not more than my student days. It is good that I'm being paid and have become an earning member of the family but lucky are the people who could make their hobbies their profession. For them, work is never the work. They play while they work, they earn while they enjoy. Now please don't try to judge me. I'm not being negative. It is just that for some people, the past is more beautiful than the present. Yesterday looks better today and today would look even better tomorrow. I can't help it. I'm one of those dreamers who constantly dream about the beautiful yesterday and in turn miss the wonderful today.

I'm always an optimistic and I do believe and hope that before I leave this world, I learn to enjoy the Monday mornings. After all, as they say, life is for living and not for complaining.

P.S. - The facts of the above post may not be and will certainly not be applicable to all. So please be generous and leave a comment/suggestion to help me (and other affected) overcome this syndrome.

3 After Thoughts:

megharana said...

i don't like monday mornings even as student!! what will happen when i will be going to work!! :(
although today was holiday for me :)

Deepak said...

@ megharana: at least you are practicing for the future. It won't be difficult for u like me :)

vaidehi said...

For me all the days are same because I am not working and each day I am trying to find a job....

But I admit that I loved Monday when I was in school.

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