Sunday, 13 April, 2014

Favorites Forever

There are some of my favorite things. Like that restaurant where I have been to only once and it just became my favorite. I have a shirt which I wore only once and it is hanging in my closet since then. But it's my favorite of all the shirts I have. There is a book resting on my shelf, half read and the bookmark is still sandwiched between its pages. That book is my favorite though never completed. I have a collection of songs in my cellphone which I have listened to only once or some of them maybe twice. But that playlist I have named it 'Favorites'. It's been long since I have played it. But like other things, it's my favorite.

It may sound weird. But you know why I follow this practice? Why I don't visit my favorite restaurant often or why I never wore that shirt again? Why I haven't completely read my favorite book and among other things, why I don't play my 'Favorite' playlist more often? Because I want all these things to remain my favorites forever.

If, for instance, I listen to that song again and again, it won't sound as special as it does now. If I complete reading my favorite book it may become part of that stack of books which I once read but never touched again. Not even dusted them off. I just want my favorites to remain as such. And I always want to feel curious about them all the time.

Should I tell you one more thing? You are my favorite of favorites. But I don't come to see you often. And now you better know why?

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