Wednesday, 16 April, 2014


Within me are the five oceans,
And within me float the seven skies,
Within me countless suns shine,
Within me moons and stars reside,
Within me are the mountains so high,
Within me are the forests so bright,
I hold the breeze within me,
I carry the storms no one can see,
Within me is whole of the creation,
And within me is the creator Himself.

2 After Thoughts:

Vedshree said...

Visited both your blogs. Beautiful pieces of poetry :)
Loved them.
Found you at my old blog, when i used to write as Pinkzz . now i m back with my true identity.
Hoping to hear from you :)

Deepak said...

Vedshree: Thanks a lot for dropping by after so long and appreciating. Will sure visit your blog too :)

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