Sunday, 7 March, 2010

One Another Night

It is darkness all around

Close to one o’clock in the night

By this time

You must be in deep sleep

But for me, it’s another night

A night full of agony and melancholy

The thoughts don’t stop inside

The path is not clear outside

I spent most of my nights like this

Just thinking about the times we had

And you, you just don’t care damn it

Sometimes I think it’s over

Next moment it takes me all over

You are moving so perfectly dear

How you do, just let me hear

Stars in the sky seems to laugh at me

How they twinkle annoys me

By this time

You must be with your dreams high

And here I am, no signs of sigh

My eyes are sleepy

My mind is about to burst

And my heart, I’ve no clue about

What’s wrong with me

I was never like that

Was full of life and hope

See me now just for once

The chants of birds outside wake me up

From the sleep I haven’t had last night

It’s about to dawn I think

By this time

You must be cuddling the pillow tight

Still holding on the dreams of night

I wish you wake up the happiest way

And you just have the best this day

Let me alone be at my own

I’ll keep loving till I’m gone.

4 After Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

This is reallyy so pianfullll!!!! And yuo have penned it sooooo beautifully !!!! I really really liked it ! Its so so good ..I wish you never have those kind of sleeps ever again ! Its quite painful , i can understand that !

Deepak K. Narula said...

@ adreamygal:

thanx a lot for ur words dear. but there is nothing to worry about. just a little try to define a painful imaginative night. thats it...

thanx a lot

Anonymous said...

It was fictional ?? reflected so much reality ! Amazing yaar :) jus superb !

Deepak said...

okies... well, the fiction also needs real inspiration... lolzzz

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