Wednesday, 10 March, 2010

Words... I Love You...

When I want to speak my heart out
You come across to help me
Thoughts, feelings, frustration, love
All you say just wonderfully
Words... I love you so much

When I'm happy you come out fast
When I'm sad you prefer to stay back
All you do I believe is true
Whenever I need you I don't lack
Words... I love you so much

However one moulds you, you don't mind
Just a little push and you make rhyme
I wonder how you do it all alone
It seems like you're perfectly honed
Words... I love you so much

It becomes difficult to find you sometimes
When I have to confess or apologize
Or just a simple thank you wish
Even when making a love proposal
Words... Still I love you so much

I liked the above picture very much. So I tried to give it a voice. I hope you understood.
Thanks for stopping by.

5 After Thoughts:

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

I love the photo too! And I think you have given it a voice very well :-)

Anonymous said...

Heyyy , with the same pic n same concept , i too have written a poem on words here : have written almost same :(

Deepak said...

@ Raajii:
thank u very much dear

@ adreamygal:
now thats a kind of co-incidence. or perhaps i stole the concept. u never know. hehehe

chetna said...

picture s really vry vry nce....
hw u imagine things yarrr...!!

Deepak said...

@ chetna:
thanx a lot dear. imagination comes from heaven... believe in god...

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