Thursday, 4 March, 2010


When I saw her first
I thought she isn't what I seek
She isn't what I want

Times kept passing at it's pace
We came close, more close
Our days were brightened up
Our nights were lightened up
The talks we had
The walks we had
Every moment was worth living
Sitting close to her
Witnessing the beauty she carry
Not only outer but eternal
is all what I've now to cherish

Why she loved so much
I couldn't understand till now
What made her glued to me
I'm not able to discover yet

She.... What was she made of?
Love, pure love, for sure.

Then happened the unexpected
I changed the direction of my journey
She stood there wishing me good luck
I moved forward waving her good bye

Can't turn back
Even if I do, I can't see her there
Not because she is moved away
But because I've come so far
So far that I'm out of her vision

It's too late to realize
that love can fit all size
I don't deserve her I believe
for she is too good for me to achieve

She.... What was she made of?
Love, pure love, even more than that perhaps.

7 After Thoughts:

chetna said...

who s she....:):)

chetna said...

Poem ws jst WOW...!!

Deepak K. Narula said...

thanx a lot chetna.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The blog is excellent and I can say the same of his words, and how they use them. Come back more often. And forgive me for the english I am Brazilian and I speak not very well.

Deepak K. Narula said...

thanx a lot AMERICO. and dont worry about the english, it is quite good. the purpose of any language is to make the others understand what we say. there is no infringement of any Law for breaking the rules of grammer. cheer up...

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

Very beautiful! I like your blog :-)

Deepak K. Narula said...

@ Raajii:
thanx a lot dear. keep visiting...

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