Wednesday, 20 March, 2013

Second Chance

I came home like any other usual day. She was in the kitchen, preparing supper, like any other usual day. But there was something which wasn't usual. There was a deep edgy silence on her face. She didn't greet me. I understood the reason but pretended as if I didn't know anything.

But suddenly she broke the silence and asked, "How was your day, honey?" "Good, pretty good", I replied sarcastically.

"She left you for me now?" she hit finally.

I was just staring at her and wondering how did she come to know about her, my so called iconic love, who ditched me. Then she came closer, hugged me and broke down. "Never do it again", she whispered.

Surrendering her lithe body in my arms, she cried aloud. And so did I. That very moment I realized, it's absolutely fine for a man to cry for someone who takes you more important than their life.

Another thing I realized was that not everyone deserves a second chance. I thanked my wife for giving a thought that I deserved it one more time.

The supper was delicious more than ever.

P.S. - Extra marital affairs maybe a fun, but ultimately they ruin.

9 After Thoughts:

bloominoctober said...

Thank you for this post. I know exactly what you mean in you PS at the end. I only wish I had been given a second chance. I truly miss my ex-wife, and it's 100% my fault that the marriage ended.

Sheilagh Lee said...

lovely throughtful story

Bethe77 said...

The grace and love of forgiveness and second changes.
Well done.

Deepak said...

bloominoctober: Every writer wishes that his/her readers should relate to what he/she has written. But I really didn't wish that anyone should relate to my this post. I can understand your grief. Have faith, everything will be alright. Have a blessed life. Cheers!

Deepak said...

Sheilagh Lee: Thanks for the read :)

Bethe77: Thanks a lot :)

Maliny, said...

Its human to err isnt. Everybody deserves a second chance. Even the people who have committed the heinous of crimes. And thats why i am against capital punishment.Though that is a debate in itself and we should steer clear of that here i guess.

Beautiful story nevertheless :)

Deepak said...

Maliny: Thanks for the read. I second your thought :)

Sunakshi said...

Extra marital affair are certainly disaster.I have seen families breaking into pieces.This was a beautiful piece.Sigh!

Deepak said...

Sunakshi: Yes, that's the right word - disaster. Sigh!

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