Wednesday, 13 January, 2010

Your Tears...!

In the last winters,
When you were here,
I can't forget,
The time we shared.
The little fights, more joys,
The chocolate cake, and gifts of toys.
Laughing together till our tears fall,
Then getting a hug from you leaned to the wall.
The words were three,
But they meant lot to me.
The kisses in the air,
I thought were fair.
Coming to your home,
Meeting to your mom.
The moments were high,
And I don't lie.

Now the year has past,
Another winter is about to last.
The time can't be recalled,
I tried but I failed.
I know I ditched you,
You said 'I know you'.
My mistake is unforgivable,
Still I think you are lovable.
But I can't come back for sure,
I have taken a wrong path though.

Your love was I treasured the most,
I know I can't repair the loss.
But I'm happy as you can see,
The same I want you to be.
Don't fall your tears for me,
I beg to you on my knee.

The poem may not be rhyming to perfection,
But that is how I can show my affection.

Smile always, for you look beautiful when you do,
And I wish the life gives the best to you.

(Dedicated to all the visitors)

2 After Thoughts:

vishal kapoor said...

hey deepak,

i knw u writ ususal..
keep it up.. bye
& wish u a sucessful lif ahead..
take care..

Deepak said...

@ vishal: thanx buddy

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