Monday, 18 January, 2010

The CA Saga....!

Hi All

Yesterday was the day I won't forget in my life, the 17th of Jan 2010, when I got the much awaited CA title. The journey began on 27th of Dec 2005 when I got registered with ICAI for CA course. After 4 years and 21 days the hard work has paid off. Still about 8 months to go to get the official CA status.

Being the first CA in the clan obviously makes it more special. But the death of my Uncle (father's elder brother) couple of days before the result made the happiness taste like tea without sugar to a non-diabetic man. Joys and sorrows are both part of life and we should and have to accept them in their original form.

While many of my friends also managed to cleared up but some of them couldn't get it this time. But I know they all deserve it and will get it next time. Also the overall result didn't influenced me much. Just 9% of total candidates appeared got through.

Message for my friends who couldn't cleared up : My friends, I know its easy to suggest and hard to apply but you have to be strong enough to face any difficulty in life. If you take it like any other exam I'm sure that no one can stop you to get what you really deserve. It's only the fear of failure which comes in the way of success. So don't fear and face it like any other test.

Lastly I want to thank my family, friends, teachers and above all God, for their continuous support and encouragement. I'm also feeling more responsible to start my professional life but I'm surely gonna miss my student days. I just love those days and I can't forget those moments.......

Remember friends, Failure is not fatal and success is not final.

Bye...Keep Smiling

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