Friday, 8 January, 2010

The Countdown Begins...!

Hi All
Today ICAI officially announced our CA Final result date. Now, what it means. It means that no matter how far you run away from the time, it will follow you anywhere, like 'Hutch Dog'. I remember the day of my last paper. It was the feeling that can't be expressed. Almost two months have passed and it seems like yesterday. We forget everything but the time is greatest reminder. Now its the time for results and I'm scared like I was on my first paper.

We, the CA students can bear anything like painful work hours, continous study and anything tough, but its the result that wins the battle against us. And me also like other students afraid of the very name of Result. Oh.. I forgot to tell you its 17th of Jan.

And today I want to say best of luck to all my friends who wrote the Finals with me. Can I name them all? Ok, I'm gonna do it. You do whatever you can. They are --

Rajat Bhatia
Raghav Seth
Raghav Mehra
Pooja Bhaskar
Raghav Talwar
Vishal Aggarwal
...and sorry guys if I forget someone. You are in my heart. Best of luck buddies...

Disclaimer: The names in the above list are not in the order of preference.

Now time for some philosophy- Guys, you have to keep in mind that nothing comes before right time. Life takes exam at every step of it and we should take it as it comes. This is not an option but this is all we can do. I'm not saying that we sit down and let failure ruin us. But, face it and win over it. The one who is sitting above (GOD) has decided our destiny. Neither we can change it nor we can fight with HIM. So, better respect HIS decision and be a good child.

Once again good luck to the students expecting result.

I'll come back with more words.

Bye and take care, it's very cold outside. Try to be warm but don't start drinking....Okey

2 After Thoughts:

vishal kapoor said...

gud job yar,
keep it up,
sahi ja raha hai bi_u.. lage reh lage reh..
& best of luck to u & all d above mentioned my friends..
May God Bless all of u & giv What u want..
Byee Byee

Deepak said...

@ vishal: u r such a well wisher buddy

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