Wednesday, 6 January, 2010

Will I get through....?

Hi All
"Will I get Through". Ya, this is the question which is bothering me now-a-days. My CA Final result is about to come and I'm not sure what will be there for me, the CA title or another 6 months of study. Well, there is no doubt that one who writes CA exams has put his/her best in it but there comes the luck which plays a vital role in your success. My exams finished on 19th November 2009 and since then I'm totally out of touch with my books (text books of course, novels and other books are on), and if something negative happens I'm gonna die for sure (not literally but you know what I mean). But I'm keeping my mind distracted from the thoughts of result thats why I'm writing this Blog (but why herein also I'm talking about this). Huh...

So, my friends life is very complicated and full of tension. And I think I don't need to say all this because Ye dunia hai ye sab janti hai.

Now some fun time.

I've started reading a book called 'Be an Extraordinary Person in an Ordinary World' written by Robert H. Schuller. I want to share a small story from the book. This goes like this---

A bus driver in Chicago had a female passenger who was really irritated by something. She let loose with a string of unrepeatable words. Everybody was ashamed. And then the bus stopped, the profane passenger got ready to disembark, and the bus driver said, 'Madam, you left something behind'. She asked him what it was and he said,'A very bad impression'.

The message from the above we get is that we should always mind our words. Rather we should mind our behaviour because the person we meet in our daily life may not meet us again but they surely gonna remember us for what we left behind, and that thing is the BAD IMPRESSION. So, the point is, people not gonna forget you shortly and make sure that you leave a good impression on them.

Thats for today.

Signing off.

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