Sunday, 21 February, 2010

I Think....!!!

Hi Friends,

Following poem is to reflect my restless mind. It thinks a lot. I don't know why? May be it is its character or whatever. Don't think much and enjoy the thinking in these words.... 

I think about the people I meet,
What they say and how they greet.

I think about the work I do,
I put hours but don’t feel like into.

I think about the friends I treasure,
Their presence is something that can’t be measured.

I think about the sun that shines away,
How it melts the butter and hardens the clay.

I think about the dreams that turn true,
But don’t see them as they are meant for you.

I think about the thoughts I think,
Mostly I think that I think without a blink.

And before I hung up, I think I should continue,
Then the second thought comes to stop it and start a new.

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