Sunday, 28 February, 2010

The Pain of a Boy.

Hi all

The following poem I wrote a long time ago. Since then it was hiding itself in my Diary placed at my bookshelf. So, today it got a chance to unveil itself. Here it is presented to you.

Sometimes I want to cry,
but keep my eyes dry,
coz I'm a boy.

I want to express my feelings,
but don't give them a try,
coz I'm a boy.

My heart may also feel pain,
but I tend to lie,
coz I'm a boy.

Yes, I've written all this,
but can't explain why,
coz I'm a boy.

Hope you liked it.
Thanks for stopping here.

2 After Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

nice..n quite true..Keep writing..:)

Deepak K. Narula said...

thanx dear whoever you are...

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