Monday, 8 February, 2010

I'll Miss the GMCS...!!!

Dear friends

Do you know why the good times don't last long...??? Well...I know, everything which is in limit is good. If anything comes without any limit or boundary or ending will become boring and unbearable after some time. Last Saturday our 15 days long GMCS training came to an end. And what can I say, it was very memorable for me and all the other participants. Many of us will never meet in this life again. So I want to wish a very best of luck to all my mates who attended the training with me.

I want to dedicate following words to all my friends and faculty of the training program ---

The moments were very few,
and the faces were quite new.

Rising early to go out of town,
and in buses, no place to sit down.

The lectures were all mix,
some were boring, some were bliss.

The knowledge they threw, we tried to gather,
we laughed aloud, we learnt together.

The Malai Kofta, the Chili Cheese,
the food was good, all thanks to 'Lazeez'.

Going to the trip, made me think,
Why the good times, go in a blink?

The madness we showed at the Bombay Picnic Spot,
people were gazing but we enjoyed a lot.

The day came very fast,
what they call it last.

All were celebrating the conclusion,
but I was still in confusion.

Nothing much I got than the friendship so hard,
I wish I've made a place in your heart.

I hope the poem is not giving you stress,
so I conclude, I'll miss the GMCS.

Friends, all the best for your future endeavors.

Take care

2 After Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

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Deepak said...

@ anonymous: I don't monetize my blog. I'm not earning anything monetary out of it.

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