Monday, 15 February, 2010

I Too Had a Love Story...

Hello Dear

See how desperate you are to know about my love story. Some of you must be wondering that how Deepak could have a love story of his own. Well…Why can’t I? I am also a human being having all my body parts at their right places. But I think this is not the right time and the right place to open my cards. We will talk about it some other time.

So, because you have clicked here to read a love story, I will not disappoint you. I am gonna talk about the book “I Too Had a Love Story” written by Ravinder Singh (or popularly Ravin). I finished it on yesterday. Ya, on Valentine’s Day. And I guess it was not the perfect day to finish a love story. Rather it is a day to start new ones. Anyhow, I started reading it and glued to it till it got finished.

The book is about a guy (named Ravin) and gal (named Khushi) who meet on some matrimonial site living thousands of miles away from each other. But the miles between them were not the obstacles at all. Everything was going smooth when suddenly the gal met with an accident just two days before their engagement. The gal dies and the guy had all the pain. Here I want to write a shayri which suits the instance. One of my college friends wrote it and now I quote it ---

Mujhse pehle tu is duniya ko alvida kahe,
Dard-e-judayi ye mere hisse aye.
--- Jagdish (my friend)

You must be wondering that what is different in this tragic love story. But the story is penned so wonderfully that you start imagining the real love with a virtual guy/gal. And that is the most wonderful part of the book. One more thing is to note that the book is written in a very simple language that even the beginners will not find any problem understanding it. I won’t reveal much about the story so that you should read it on your own.

The writer Ravinder Singh is a software engineer by profession. Like Chetan Bhagat and Arpit Dugar, another engineer has tried his luck in writing. May be the engineers are out of jobs. Jokes apart but the book is worth reading. I would give it 10 on 10 (forgive me if I’m being biased).

And one more thing I want to say that my family is very irritated because of me. They say either you are busy with your computer or your books (so called though…hehehe). They keep on adding that I don’t have time for them. So I want to thank my family for sacrificing my presence while watching TV or gossiping. I love you all more than anything. My world is with you……

Bye friends.

Yaar Blog padhte rehte ho kabhi koi suggestion ya comment hi kar diya karo. hehehe

Take Care.

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