Thursday, 1 April, 2010


she was fun
always looked happy and smiling
and so was I
but only when she was not around
every time she was there
I used to forget everything
even to smile
just stunned to admire her beauty

she liked to play pranks on me
and I was always her victim
I couldn't beware myself
not even a single time I remember

who was so talkative and full of life
becomes a stone statue before her
how could I...?

just the three words
never came out easy
I wish I could say but
wish is always a wish

one fine day
I don't know what made her sad
she stared at me quietly for some time
then she did something
that I couldn't do ever
she said 'I love you'

and I
I couldn't control my nerves
lost in some dreamy-land
couldn't believe my ears
and couldn't control my tears

but before she could see them
I heard more words
'hey, what happened,
I was just joking,
you're the first fool of april'

I smiled back in response
to hide the pain inside unbearable

she liked to play pranks on me
and I was always her victim
even this time she didn't spare me
even this time I couldn't beware myself

P.S. -- Well... I hope you understood that we should not make fun of others at least this way. But if you want to, then make sure you can afford it :-)
Thanks for reading.

6 After Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..on occassion of Fools day , a wonderFOOLly poem came out ;):) Very touching with the most apt title ..:)Loved it !

Deepak said...

@ adreamygal:

thanx gal.

WritingsForLife said...

aww.. soo lovely, so sad.

Deepak said...

@ raajii:

well.. there is nothing sad about that dear. everyone likes to have fun. thanx for giving a read...

Unknown said...

title s vry appropriate....
well suits th poem...!!

Deepak said...

@ chetna:

thanx a lot chetna...

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