Saturday, 17 April, 2010


It was couple of days after 2003 Diwali that I bought a small journal to put my thoughts in words. I hid it behind my course books placed on a shelf in my room. Initially I was very excited to write daily in my journal, though only a few lines. Earlier I used to write in Hindi. I never told anybody about my love for writing and perhaps my family still doesn't know where my journal is hidden.

Then in January this year, I started writing on this blog. I received a very positive response from my family and friends and by this time many of my friends know about my secret love i.e. writing. As you all know, on this blog I only write in English and will continue in future too.

Now, I thought why not share with all of you the initial piece of my art work. I would be sharing my earlier Hindi writings on a new blog. This is named Meri Kalam Se...!.

So guys please show your love there as well and enjoy reading while Nostalgic Writes.

P.S. - Please let me know if you liked the surprise or not. The Ink Drop box awaits some drops down the line.

2 After Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Heyyy thats eally a surprise !! Ia m gonna folow it , and read ur amazing works !! Cu ther :) n hey arent u well ? ur fb states it ...what hpnd ?

Deepak said...

@ adreamygal: thanx, i knew i earned a follower even before starting it. and nothing to worry, i'm fine now

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