Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

What a Life

Empty mind is like devil's house. It goes well even today. I've not been well for some days and by sitting home all day, my mind also behaved the same way. For some days I was thinking more about my past. I mean, the good times I had in past. And most of it was which I spent with my friends at school, college, coaching center or wherever. Now the life has changed. Changed to better (or worse, I could not understand). Now the time doesn't move our way. It moves us in the way it likes. When we were kids, we never had any problem with time. We had a lot of it. There would still some time left even spending it unwisely. Now we don't have time despite we have become good managers of time.

Earlier everything was given a personal touch. Meeting a friend, writing a letter, smelling the flowers, dancing in the rain, playing with the mates and a lot more. Now, we are more surrounded with gadgets than people. From televisions to mobiles to computers to i-pods to everything. Everything is so digital that we don't need to give a personal touch to anything. It saves a lot more time for us. Still we don't have much of it. Meeting the friends in chat rooms, writing texts than hand made cards, making new virtual friends than real ones, all seems so exciting to us. But what is the fun. I mean, life was never so noisy without these at all. There is no peace left. Everyone is running after something. No one cares about anyone. Gadgets have become friends for life and friends are being used as gadgets. Man made gadgets and now they are making the man. Sometimes life seems blessed while it feels cursed sometimes.

Life moves on, either you like it or not. It has it's own way to lead and you cannot say NO to it's commands. So, as soon as you come to the real world, your choices don't matter anymore. You just have to accept what comes your way. Life is out of your control. Still it will be called LIFE, forever..... Silly...!!

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