Friday 9 April 2010

One Beautiful Moment

there are moments
which we don't want to let go
at least not as easy as they wish
one that moment just passed away
of course I tried to keep hold
but could not make it
it slipped...
slipped out of hands
as does the sand
no complaints... no regrets...
I had much...
much that I could ever treasure
still less than wished for
hope still remains
that someday
I'll live a moment like this again
then the memories will pour like rain...

5 After Thoughts:

chetna said...

U cum out wid vry appropriate pics 4 ur poems..ths ne s nce too....!!

adreamygal said...

Deepak its really really good ..I can guess how thsi poem came out but ddint knew it would come so touchy !! Wonderful yaar , and dont worry be prepared with an umbrella , for in near future it will rain harder ;) ( i guess u got my point ?)

Deepak said...

@ chetna:

thanx dear. and every picture tells a story...

@ adreamygal:

hey.. i wont be holding an umbrella coz i luv the rains fall on my face.. hehe

Zave said...

True true!
Really very true.
Nice serene composition.

Deepak said...

@ zave: thanx a lot for the comment and also for the visit here

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