Monday, 14 June, 2010

In Search Of God

I went to temple, God wasn't there,
there was only a stone statue standing,
I bowed to it and came back.

I went to the mosque, He wasn't there as well,
there lying was some sacred soul in deep sleep,
I didn't feel like to disturb and came back.

I went to gurdwara, didn't saw Him there too,
there was kept a covered holy book in the middle,
I sat there for a while and came back.

I went to the church, God wasn't there again,
Christ's statue I saw having both eyes closed,
I lit a candle and came back.

I looked up at the sky and prayed,
that God please show me where you are?
the dark clouds poured some drops on me.

I sat under a tree to get shelter,
and waited for the rain to stop.
the tree didn't even hesitate to get me in.

The rain soon stopped and I got up,
to continue my journey in search of God.
as I started to walk the tree waved me.

Soon I began to think about quiting,
but somewhere deep inside me,
a voice called me up to don't lose hope.

I again started to walk with no clear path,
mountains, forests, deserts and oceans,
nothing left to be visited on the planet.

Then I looked inside me again,
to find where the voice came from earlier,
I realized I was carrying my destination with me.

The journey ended where it had begun from.

5 After Thoughts:

vishal kapoor said...

i think dis is not a poem dis is a truth of d lif which people knows but dnt want 2 understand..

an eye opener 4 all of us..

god bless u dear..

ViDiShA said...

dis was very nice...I like specially dis line 'I realized I was carrying my destination with me'..!!

Deepak said...

thank u vishal and vidisha

Dhandal said...

The destination is to unite with oneself. To go deep within. To realise that the power, the force resides there, within us.

Deepak said...

@ dhandal: absolutely. I personally believe in that.

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