Friday, 4 June, 2010

It Did Rain Today

It did rain today, and it did heavily after a long time though only for a few minutes. But as long as it did, it gave me an opportunity to celebrate my melancholy, for there was no one who could be having an eye on me. All were celebrating the first raindrops of the season while I was busy with my own old flash backs.

With each thunder hitting my ears, I could remember all that was forgotten, as it worked as a reminder. One of these made me think about someone who is very scared from the horrible voice of clashing clouds but nothing could be done now on my part to keep her distract. I hope, by now she has learnt to manage it alone. Another one reminded me about the days when rain seemed to be beautiful than anything else. Gone are the days when getting wet in the rain was all exciting. Gone are the days when rain would bring new hope for life.

Now, every time a sadness hits the heart, wait for the rain arises. Today the wait was over. Rain drops were falling on my face. Lips converted into curves to show a smile and eyes went shut. Soon the cloudy water was mixed with salty water. They met as if they were waiting for long to meet like this. Soon it all went as planned. Melancholy was coming out in the form of tears yet no one had a clue about this. Heart was pouring through the eyes at it's best today. Nothing could stop the flow. But soon it did end, as the rain stopped. Lips were normal again, the pair of eyes slowly opened to see the change it wanted to see. Somehow, this heavy heart felt a little lighter. Hope was born again.

Today it did rain heavy from the heavens above and so it did from the heart.

2 After Thoughts:

Sylvia K said...

Very lovely, moving and something I know that I have experienced.

Deepak said...

@ sylvia: thanks a lot.

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