Wednesday, 9 June, 2010

My World

whole day long, I
keep wandering
here and there,
knowing no place
to be exactly where.

tired and breathless
I try to find a place
where I can
sit and rest
and have solace.

nothing seems
genuine in this
whole bloody world,
no noble face I see
all look cruel.

and when I get
too much tired
I get up to find
my hidden world
and someone kind

there I find
some sure hope
after having roam
for whole day long
I reach to her at home

her loving touch
makes me feel
better instantly,
the kiss on forehead
and a hug with love
do all that is needed

every evening,
tired and breathless
I reach my home,
there I get my world,
waiting eagerly for me,
my lovely Mom

18 After Thoughts:

vishal kapoor said...

i think des r words which comes 4m d heart of d person who really lovs her mom..
god bless u..
keep blogging & make us feel proud of u..

adreamygal said...

Wow Deepak . these words , mainly the starting few lines have come directly from heart :) A lovely poem :) I did find a line incorrect , but then changing that will rob the orginality of the poem :)and its too good to be modified :)

partywithneha said...

Very good looking blog

aMaR said...

Amazing words to display a wonderful feeling..!!Keep writing..!!Good work..!!

Your fellow Ca student..;-)..


aMaR said...

Amazing words to display a wonderful feeling..!!Keep writing..!!Good work..!!

Your fellow Ca student..;-)..


aMaR said...
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Lilibeth said...

I really liked your poem...but then, I am a mom. What a special tribute you have written to your own mother, at least I hope that's the case.

b said...

Truly, there is nothing like the love for our mother.


Ria said...

beautifully written!! Jus loved it.

Leo said...

following isn't a big thing dude, its reading regularly after the follow that i find difficult. i follow more than a 100 blogs, and at one time used to read all very exuberantly as well. but now, i haven't that time coz of work and sometimes due to illness.

u've written this poem quite well.. the words u've used nicely. i used this same template once too.. but grey is dull.. not that inviting. perhaps u can search a better one to ur liking. make ur signature gel with the background too.. just some suggestions..

no suggestions for ur writes, they'll develop as u write more. its quite fine right now. take care.

ViDiShA said...

...nice one..!!

Just someone said...

That was a lovely poem! sincere feelings poured into words!

good take on the prompt!

Jay Thurston said...

Well written and very endearing!

Deepak said...

@ vishal: thanks bro :-)

@ adreamygal: thank u dreamy. and please let me know every time u find anything incorrect :-)

@ neha: thanks :-)

@ amar: thanks mate. best of luck for ur CA :-)

Deepak said...

@ lilibeth: thanks, yeah, thats exactly the case but also it is dedicated to all the mothers, to u too :-)

@ b: yeah, i guess so too :-)

@ ria: oh..thanks a lot :-)

@ leo: thank u leo, for the praise and also for the valuable suggestions for my blog. I think thats the sign of a good friend that u constantly suggest for improvements :-) thanks for following too :-)

Deepak said...

@ vidisha: thanks a lot :)

@ just someone: thanks mate :-)

@ jay: thank u :-)

Julie Jordan Scott said...

How beautiful! From the image to each carefully selected word... makes me feel so grateful to be a Mom of children who love me.


My Three Word Wednesday Offering

Deepak said...

@ julie: thanks a lot. I'm really honored :-)

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