Sunday, 20 June, 2010

I Owe You

You, yes you,
I owe everything
to just only you.

I may not express,
I may not show,
but to you, only you,
everything I owe.

My very first walk,
holding your finger,
is what makes me
even today ginger.

With you, I had
no fear, only joys,
without a single penny,
I owned all the toys.

Going to school,
holding your hand,
sometimes ran away,
to just play a prank.

The pocket money
even of a little amount,
is worth more than
perhaps I'll ever count.

Sometimes I did,
sometimes I do,
but I never want
to really hurt you.

I silently admire,
what you've taught,
I'll take it along,
what I've caught.

You poured on me,
your love and care.
May you live long,
and keep on to share.

To just only you,
Everything I owe,
to you, yes you.

P.S. - Happy Fathers' Day.

10 After Thoughts:

vishal kapoor said...

i m spechless..:-)

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...


Deepak said...

thank u vishal and chandana :)

Bikramjit said...

Wowo Deepak beautful poem on fathers day.. happy fathers day to you too ..

How are you sorry took long to come this time

Deepak said...

thank u bikram. thanks for dropping by again :-)

Guddu said...

I liked this one.

BTW loved ur blog's template :)

Deepak said...

@ guddu: thanks a lot :-)

Guddu said...

Pleasure is mine :)

Dhandal said...

Touchy! :)

Deepak said...

@ guddu: :-)

@ dhandal: thanks

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