Saturday, 17 July, 2010

Waiting For The Rain

Heart feels shy and it fears,
hiding pain, holding back it's tears.

It desperately wants to pour out,
but can't just find a way out.

It wants to cry, no doubt,
likes to keep silent, not loud.

Last time when it did,
it cried like a kid.

Waiting for that moment again,
it will cry when it will rain.

At times, its difficult to keep hold,
it has to, its not that bold.

Deep within it hides a secret,
never told, nor does it regret.

Of pain inside, it knows no cause,
yet it is sure that it will pause.

It tries hard, but in vain,
it always loses, never does it gain.

Only tears hold it's hand,
they're also slipping like sand.

It has to wait for some time more,
Can't celebrate till rain drops don't pour.

Waiting for heaven to pull the chain,
it will cry when it will rain.

It can't keep hold the pain,
it has to cry when it will rain.

It has to.

6 After Thoughts:

Tweety said...

sigh....main baarish mein chalta hun ki koi mere aansun na dekh le...yes even though rains bring about spring..but for a gloomy heart it also brings tears...and it waits for the that it can cry.. :)

i loved the beautiful description..

Leo said...

hmm.. lovely dude..

i liked the lines "only tears hold its hand, they're also slipping like sand." a lot.

keep writing..!

Someone Is Special said...

Well written Deepak.. I loved reading it...

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M
Few Miles

Deepak said...

@ tweety: yes, rain doesn't always bring smile :(

@ leo: thanks leo. glad u liked it :)

@ someone: thanks friend :)

Rajlakshmi said...

touching yet beautiful... ya rain can sometimes bring out our deepest emotions...

Deepak said...

@ rajlakshmi: rain always bring lots of emotions with it :(

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