Wednesday, 4 August, 2010

The Waves

"Why I'm here? Am I a failure? Does anyone really need me?"

I was mentally surrounded by these questions and physically surrounded by sea, sun and sand. Sitting alone at this place away from home was not an occasion to admire the beauty of nature. I was completely lost in my thoughts or rather in my negative thoughts. Nothing in this world was seeming interesting.

"OK, I'm a failure, but it happens with most of the people. I can make a come back." My heart was consoling my mind this way. But it wasn't my heart's day. Mind was overpowering it. Past was already ruined, present was screwed up and future was looking unpredictable as usual.

There was an earthworm trying hard to make it to the soil but each time it's efforts were nullified by the strong waves.

"You are good for nothing." Again a voice from mind broke me down. "You don't deserve this life." I was constantly forced to take the extreme steps.

"Don't worry, you'll win over this situation. It is only a phase and will be over soon." I was again consoled by my heart.

The earthworm again came to the wet soil but the waves were still stronger than it's grip. It was pulled back again.

No hope was coming my way, not even a feeble one. I was trying hard not to cry but I had to drink the salty water that day.

Then suddenly I don't know how it happened but I was feeling more confident, more positive, more enthusiastic. May be because my mind was losing it's confidence against heart or may be because my heart wasn't that weak as it thought it was. Or perhaps the earthworm has won the battle against the waves and was crawling on the wet soil with it's head held high. Suddenly a story of a king and a spider was recalled in my mind. How the king got inspired from a little spider which was trying to climb to the web but failed six times. Then on the seventh attempt, it got there where it was supposed to be.

The waves seemed positive, inner and outer. Then I got up and walked through the wet sand. I had got my inspiration. It was quite obvious that I was leaving my footprints behind. But I didn't look back and kept walking. May be because from now on, I was prepared only to see the future and forget the past. May be, just may be.

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P.S. - My schedule is keeping me busy now a days. No wonder if I remain absent from blogging for a month or so. I'll try my best to post at least once a week and also read my fellow bloggers. And if I don't, please do understand and keep showing your love. Thank you bloggies.

26 After Thoughts:

Nimue said...

really good one :) very inspiring indeed !!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I enjoy how the earthworm pops up. I was sitting here, eyes scrunched up, wondering "Where did he come from.. on the beach?"

My 3WW Poem. August 4, 2010.

ThomG said...

encouraging words here.

Zave said...

I so much connect to this.
I have been there, lived it, felt and lost to it!

Someone Is Special said...

very encouraging words.. state of confusion to state of confidence great...

If you wish to save a heart, then stop by Save a Heart!

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M

Anonymous said...

Hey deepak , I could relate to the story completely , as I myself found in that postion quite sometime back .. And your vivid description just reminded me of old times :)

And hey , do try to blog on , atleats on sundays huh ? Would love to read ur replicated thoughts :)

Aoife.Troxel said...

Both the earthworm and the spider were good examples to keep trying. :)

Jay Thurston said...

A refreshing but unexplained turnaround at the end really made this a gem. No explanation is needed, the magic behind the inspiration is oftentimes making something from nothing.

Nice work Deepak!

gautami tripathy said...

Very well done.

now it is there, now it isn't

Jaspreet said...

Very positive! very inspiring..past is what usually holds us back.

Deepak said...

@ nimue: thank u very much :)

@ julie: yeah, some things just happen like that :)

@ ThomG: thanks a lot :)

@ zave: I'm glad that u could relate to it :)

@ someone: thanks mate :)

Deepak said...

@ adreamygal: thank u gal, and yes, I'll try to blog on regularly but have some priorities to look after :)

@ aoife: yes, examples do clear the picture :)

@ jay: I also thought that it is lacking explanation at the end, but then I kept it hidden and let it be like this :)

@ gautamy: thanks a lot :)

@ jaspreet: yeah, past is very rude :)

K said...

An interesting interpretation of the photo. Very uplifting.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

I guess this question is asked by most of us at one time or the other, for others like me who are more of on foolish and emotional side it comes too often..

I ahd written a similar article some time back .. and also a small poem
mainu puchde ne mere pind ke log..
ki main isse pind da haan waasi

And yesh its good to drink the SALTY water.. it really is .. and yes try try and TRY .. is the motto the king was Bruce fighting for scotland..

And beleive me no ones is a failure.. we all are winners some on big stage some on small stage.. depends how we take it .. We all have a meaning in this world ..

and past is PAST gone we cant do anything about it, cant change it but what we can do is learn from it.. forget about it and make the TODAY a better day cause Today is gonna lead us to Tomorrow which is coming.. YEsterdya is gone never gonna come back

my best wishes are always with u

Tweety said...

it was inspiring...i hope we all find hope in the same way whenever we feel dejected..

Deepak said...

@ K: thanks a lot :)

@ bikram: thanks bikram for taking the time and pain to deeply analyzing the post :) and thanks a lot for lovely heartfelt wishes, i really need them now :)

@ tweety: yes, there is a always a hope behind every problem. We only need to look beyond and over it :)

Ramesh Sood said...

Well Deepak.. good thing about past is that it doesn't last.. I don't know but I am fighting my way forward always holding the rope of hope..would love you to visit me and you may find few posts indeed talking about hope..
Keep on writing.. sharing makes it so beautiful..always.. it makes one alive.. and happy.. thanks for doing the same to all of us on these pages..

Mama Zen said...


Sezaaay said...

very inspirational and a beautiful message :)

Deepak said...

@ ramesh: thanks, will surely drop by :)

@ mama zen: thanks a lot :)

@ sezaaay: thank u :)

magiceye said...

positive thinking rules!

Deepak said...

@ magiceye: yeah, it does, quite often :)

Leo said...

a very inspiring tale and your narration took me to that King Arthur story as well..!

well done Deepak!

Deepak said...

@ leo: thanks my friend :) and by the way, loved ur new profile pic :)

Amity said...

positivity at its best...say, positivity makes us realize it's not yet the end of the world though how much we have failed!

a beautiful tale of introspection Deepak!

Deepak said...

@ amity: yes, positivity should be our companion at every time we are low.

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