Sunday, 2 May, 2010

Express It

The three words,
I want to hear,
whisper them slowly,
please don't fear.

To let them out,
what does it take?
Just a little courage,
I know you can make.

Waited long for the moment,
its time you go ahead.
All I can assure you is,
I won't make it spread.

Between you and me,
will remain this secret.
I will keep my words,
there is nothing to fret.

Love is what I need,
I know that you do.
Still want to be sure,
if I can be with you.

Why to hide if you love,
it won't help you much.
There are many ways to express,
words or gestures or a little touch.

5 After Thoughts:

WritingsForLife said...

awww... I hope she does... soon :)

Anonymous said...

Well does true love need an expression ??? I guess you wont , if you can read the eyes !! :D But the poem was simple-y good ! :D

Deepak said...

@ raajii: well...i hope so too..lolzz

@ adreamygal: i don't agree dear. yes, sometimes it is quite necessary. glad u liked the poem.

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

can relate to that :) nicely written. especially the second verse. simple words, yet effective.

hope she tells u soon :)

enjoyed readin ur blog :)

Deepak said...

@ Dr. Chandana: well, it feels good to know that u can relate urself to my words.
I don't have tough words in my vocabulary :-) thats the sad part.
and thanx for liking the blog and being a follower. keep visiting

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