Sunday, 31 January, 2010

Nothing for you my Dear...!!!

Come in yaar

The last week went quite good for me but I won't go in details like what I wore and ate and to whom I dated last weekend. I think then you would probably prefer to watch Tom & Jerry and read Chacha Chaudhary coz they would seem more interesting than my Blog. And any Blogger never writes for himself anyway. Getting the point, aren't you???

Now let me ask you some questions. Have you ever been so lucky and unlucky at the same time? Do you have any practical proof that the world is round (I know you studied science up to 10th class at least but I'm asking about your own experience)? Have you fallen in love with same girl twice? I think that's enough to arouse your interest.

"Nothing for you my Dear - Still I Love You" is the book I read last week. And let me tell you that it is written by a guy who is about one and a half years younger than me. His name is Arpit Dugar. I think engineers now-a-days finding writing more interesting than building bridges or developing softwares or solving the electricity problems of the country. Earlier Chetan Bhagat tried to recall his IIT days in "Five Point Someone" (fiction though) and now Arpit Dugar has tried to portray his DIT days in "Nothing for you my Dear - Still I Love You" (again fiction I think). But who knows I'll be trying to hold pen in the future (joke of the day, isn't it?).

Let me not divert from the today's discussion. I'm here to post my reviews on Arpit's book.

This book is a love story of a guy named Avinash and a gal named Lisha or Lenika or whatever (what's in a name, all gals are the same...huh). First they meet in same school and fell in love with each other. But their contact couldn't last for long. And then again in this roundly seeming world their destiny gives them another chance after 15 years in same college. So they fell in love with each other twice, without knowing about their first love story. But you know we can't fight with destiny. After meeting twice, they are again separated from each other with Zero probability of meeting again in life.

Now, I know what question is coming to your mind. Why they separated again and why they can't meet in life again? The answer is so simple and known to mankind. There is a famous saying in love "till the death do us apart". And the same saying becomes their separator. The gal dies in an accident. That's how their story ends (or rather lasts forever...)

"Nothing for you my Dear - Still I Love You" seems to be the appropriate title for the book I guess. The whole story goes in a flashback where Avinash tells his tale to Neha (a girl with whom Avinash's parents want to arrange his marriage). Overall, the book is quite good to give a try. But it is the last 40-45 pages which are more interesting to read on. So, my score on this book is 7/10 (take it as a reader's opinion only).

So, that's it for today.

Bye, take care

(Oh...I forgot to thank my friend Vishal who gifted me this book. Thanks Vishal.)

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