Sunday, 23 May, 2010

3 Things About Me

Getting an appreciation from fellow bloggers is really special because they are friends in a special way. We don't know them personally and probably never get a chance to meet or see them. But, in virtual world, we are like real buddies. Here is another tag which I'm going to write on is from my dear real but virtual friend adreamygal. She is an amazing writer, do visit her blog(s) and you will visit often. So, here are some more things you may want to know about me.

My 3 famous names-
- Deepak (you all know)
- Deepu (family calls me by this name)
- *blank* (you've a good chance to give me a new name)

3 things that scare me-
- Looking down from a height (sometimes even from our terrace)
- Being old (I don't know why)
- My Boss (common among many)

3 things which make me smile-
- Memories
- Meeting friends
- Nature

3 things I love-
- Myself
- Family and friends
- My accessories (like a kid who don't want to part with his toys)

3 things I hate-
- Doing the work I don't love to (so often I do)
- When someone makes fun of me (pranks are allowed to loved ones only)
- That I'm lazy

3 things I don't understand-
- Myself first
- Life second
- And everyone other third
(bottom line- I don't understand why I'm here)

3 things I'm doing right now-
- Writing this tag
- Listening to Jagjit Singh's 'Tere Khushbu Mein Base Khat Main Jalata Kaise'
- Thinking (don't know what)

3 things I can't do-
- Propose a girl (not now)
- Forget my beautiful past
- Stop writing (and don't want to ever)

3 things I think you should listen to-
- Your inner voice
- Me (when I'm speaking)
- Your Mom (she is always right)

3 things I watched as a kid-
- Disney Hour (on Zee TV every evening)
- Ramayan (Ramanand Sagar's)
- Small Wonder

3 things I want in a relationship-
- Love
- Understanding
- Surprises

3 physical things about opposite sex that appeal to me-
- Beauty
- Smile
- Good dressing sense

3 favourite fictitious characters-
- Aamir's character in the movie '3 Idiots'
- Jay from the movie 'Sholey'
- Jack from the movie 'Titanic'

3 of my favourite hobbies-
- Writing
- Surfing Internet
- Collecting pictures that make memories

3 beverages I drink regularly-
- Water
- Tea
- Milk
(were you expecting some strong ones?)

3 things I like about myself-
- That I can write (not very good but still I can)
- Almost everyone who knows me likes me as a person (there are some who don't have a good taste)
- I have a kind heart
(please don't take it as self praise)

3 things I'm wearing right now-
- Undergarments :)
- Pajama :)
- That's it (it is too hot here in punjab)

2 truths and a lie (in random order)-
- I'm virgin
- Someone proposed me on last Valentine's day
- I do believe in love
(find out on your own)

3 bloggers I want to tag-
- Zave
- Raajii
- Leo
(Want to know more about you guys)

Thank you for bearing.

7 After Thoughts:

I Zaydi said...

I dont know but something inside me forced to visit your blog.. and I am surprised by quality work of yours wish I could write like you someday :)

So here you go another fan in your list :P

Thanks for writing it really helps not only but others..

- UnhingeD ~

Anonymous said...

Wowie ..dats good to know more about you :) So honest replies and u dont believ in love ..or jus dnt ant to believe in nymore huh ? :P And yaar tumhe nahi lagta tumne mere baare main kuch jyada hi likh diya ..dat shld have come under lie ;) loz :D

Deepak said...

@ unhinged: thanx a lot buddy for ur b'ful comment. but i don't think so that I write that good :)

@ adreamygal: no dear, I do believe in love, u couldnt catch the lie :-)
aur maine jo bhi tumare baare mein likha sab sach tha :)

Pri said...

tags do speak a lot about a person..this helped me know a little about you :)

Deepak said...

@ pri: ohh.. thanx a lot.

Zave said...

I had missed this post!
Getting to know more of you, and respecting you even more!

Deepak said...

@ zave: thanks a lot brother. but whats in it to respect me :-)

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