Tuesday, 25 May, 2010

No More Space

no more space
for new thoughts
in my mind
for it is filled
with so many
stale lying inside

no more space
for new tears
in my eyes
for they are
full already
with salty water

no more space
for new lessons
in my ears
for there are
many listened
but none applied

no more space
for new smiles
on my lips
for they are
already occupied
with fake ones

no more space
for new love
in my heart
for there is
only one which
can remain forever

no more space
for new words
in this piece
no more space
for more emotions
in this stanza

no more space
please don't ask
for more if you

7 After Thoughts:

Sylvia K said...

Sad but beautiful words -- hope they are just your creativity and not a reflection of yourself at this moment. Have a beautiful evening.


WritingsForLife said...

sometimes, I feel the same way - Sigh.
Beautifully done :-)

vishal kapoor said...

jahanpanah tusi great ho....

Anonymous said...

very touchy and so many emotions ..you have said nothing yet everything ..and showed us the empty space ! Deepak ..its too beautiful !

Deepak said...

@ sylvia: sorry ma'm, it's partly a creation and partly a reflection of my inner situation.

@ raajii: same here dear.

@ vishal: tusi vi ji.

@ adreamygal: thank u aarti. glad u liked it that much.

Zave said...

Beautifully sad.
Emptiness does speak for itself, for there is a reason to everything.
Well composed, specially the last verse.

Deepak said...

@ zave: thanx a lot bro.

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