Tuesday, 18 May, 2010

Lost Mind

Lost mind,
runs hard,
in search
of peace.

a voice calls,
it fumbles,
falls down.

Tries to hold,
it's lost breath,
pulls it up,
to stand again.

A support
it seeks,
no one cares,
not even one.

It begs to
the heart,
to hold
it's hand.

Heart excuses,
turns the face,
mind remains
still all alone.

Where to go,
what to do?
Endless questions
increase pain.

Yet it knows,
it has to run,
for there is
no one it's own.

It runs and
it does fast,
but destination,
seems yet far.

In search
of peace,
lost mind,
runs hard.

4 After Thoughts:

Sylvia K said...

I suspect there are many of us who have felt -- do feel this way. Always easy to relate to your words.

anupama said...

Dear Deepak,
Good Morning!
Thoughts are penned in a simple way!Reader can relate so well.
Hope by now you must have found the hands and peace too...
Have hope and dream high....Life is beautiful!
Wishing you a lovely day ahead,

Anonymous said...

Deepak , this is a very touchy poem ..reflecting depth of restlessness and dilemmas , put in very simple words and leaves us with deep thoughts ...Wonderful ..

BDw I am loving ur writing so much ..there has been tremendous changes in them and its really nice to see them :D:D

Deepak said...

@ sylvia: oh.. thank u very much for ur b'ful words.

@ anupama: thanx a lot anupama for ur supportive words. I want to say that it is one of the best comments I had on this space. thanks a lot.

@ adreamygal: thank u dear that u noticed change in my writing. and glad u liked it too :-)

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